Wednesday, 18 March 2009

a little out of sorts.......

i seem to be chasing my tail this week trying to complete numerous tasks before deadlines loom...
i also feel a trifle run down and in need of a remedy or two to re balance me
even though we have more daylight to enjoy each day and the weather has been o.k to good, i still get to 6pm and find myself having to think about supper but not really wanting to allocate it any of my time - hence poor Stephen tends to feed us both.
sadly once the food is placed in front of me i find myself gravitating towards the laptop to squeeze in a little work whilst eating - this is not good for my digestion, enjoyment of beautiful food or quite frankly my keyboard....
something has to change and i fear that the answer is to train myself to manage my time better - this i know will be a hard won task for i am the most haphazard worker..
you see i am so easily distracted, my eyes are constantly being drawn to yet another unfinished part of the house, sewing project, pile of pony poo to pick up...
i need to concentrate people, retrain this old brain of mine, write more lists on big blackboards and not on scraps of paper that i keep accidentally scooping up with sweet wrappers and placing in the Rayburn....

if i am away for a few days please forgive me
you see
brain training will be taking place
also it would have been my dear Grandad's Birthday tommorrow and i need to take time out to stride along the beach and chat to those above

i shall leave you all now with a gentle reminder of the giveaway being held over at Sea House - please do not worry if you have no plans to keep hens or livestock as we are currently working on the pet owners section which will be full of useful information on feeding, health concerns and alternative therapies... and heck - even if you have no animals at all join just to say hello to those folk that do x

these little guys have been added to the giveaway pile with more items to follow - it is going to be quite a collection of goodies :)

please remember that you have to write a post in order to be popped in the draw, and can i send huge thanks to those that are already over there making themselves heard - it truly means so very much to us both x

back soonish
t x


trashalou said...

oh I hear you on the time management thing. Since becoming self-unemployed I am getting so little done!

Take the time regroup and stay well.

the pig lady said...

Poor you, I hope the beach brings peace and calm. Make sure that new time management schedule includes time for you - it's much needed, take care, debs x

Tracey said...

Im not the only one then! Comes to spring and its all systems go..... soo much to do. Ede in turning into a lady dog- my son ill feel and Mothers day Phew. I dream of a day just me in the garden and potting on listerning to the Archers and no tea to cook! Good luck i thinck we are what we are, my love.Txx

Flourish and Blossom said...

oh i am so glad that i'm not on my own, i suffer with time management too ! i have found that a notebook with a to do list for every day is useful.....i just have to remember where i last placed it !!
i hope that lovely fresh sea air you must be getting up there does you the world of good.....

Debbie x

p.s. matilda is still not traveling great after the accident, in fact she is also a little jumpy on her walks since, any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

tracysmum said...

Today has been hard,like you i had a little chat,and a little cry,i miss him.
Take care my girl.
collect thoughts and take some time for you.
love you all very much.

Pipany said...

Oh do come back soon though Tracy xx

pebbledash said...

Be gentle with yourself...

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,
I really hope you get back on top of everything and feel back to your old happy self very soon.
I've been on and joined up to the wonderful website and put a link to it on my own blog page.
So far left 2 posts, not much really but I'm a little new to it all lol and Ben had to show how to use it. It's lovely to hear that he and Stephen have been talking via email, I'm very proud of Ben for offering his help and so glad they can chat like we do.
All the chicken items look fabulous honey. I always think of you when i see sheep, chickens or whippets. Can't think why! hehe!
Sending you lots of hugs.
Catherine x