Wednesday, 26 November 2008

so sorry if i scared you......

i only realised today when i opened up my blog that i have gone a little festive a little too early....

the trouble is i so love Christmas and for me it is all about the build-up, so expect a mention of Christmas on most posts :)

today i escaped for a few hours with my lovely neighbour - just for a quick jaunt around our nearest little town and a peek inside Tesco's
much to my horror our Tesco's have not seen the new CK Christmas bag - they have boxes of all the other designs that no-one up here will buy - they say that they will probably not see the wonderful Christmas bag at all :(
if any blogger out there would like to do a swap ..... CK Christmas bag for a choice of another design.....i hear some are a little thin on the ground down South?

anyhoo - other news
the ponies met up with the big boys yesterday - much screaming from Dillon and climbing on Woody's back to make himself look bigger!
after awhile harmony was resumed and they all seem to be getting on rather well - as soon as i let my chaps out this morning Darcy ran across his field to greet them x

how tiny do my chaps look :)

still no pictures of the elves - my family and friends read my ramblings and i still have not decided if i am going to force one of the pesky chaps on to them - as soon as i decide they will be here....
instead here are a few pictures of some new stock - not handmade sadly, but still rather lovely

rust robin x
the cutest toadstool pegs x

more soon x
t :)


Willow said...

You didn't scare me Tracy! I need people like you to get me feeling festive when I'm having a 'Bah, humbug' kind of day!! Love the pics of your Christmassy stuff and, as for your little chaps ... how cute are they?!
Willow x

Katy said...

you want a christmassy bag? I'll send you a christmassy bag. I'm an ever so lovely person ;)

and nope, I wasn't scared, I'm bloody loving christmas :D

email me!

Kitty said...

I LOVE that rust robin - how fabulous is it??!

Christmas is starting to worry me - so much to do, I'm so behind!


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Tracy - I think I'll just enjoy you enjoying the Christmas preparations as I shall otherwise be in panic overload. If Christmas and I manage to coincide it'll be a miracle!! Are you selling the rust robins? If so, yes please.

Sue x

lou said...

Hi Tracy, nope not scared I love Christmas!!!

what a lovely blog you have! xxx

jules said...

I love all the preparations, decorations and everything else to do with christmas so you carry on girl. My barn has slowly evolved into a house this year and will definitely have its hall decked with boughs of holly. Even if hidden in corners everywhere there are pots of paint and general diy STUFF

jules xx

mollycupcakes said...

I'm soo glad that there is someone else as happy to mention the word Christmas as i am.
I love , love christmas too because my birthday is in Dec, so I'm a real festive girlie, much sighing from Ben lol who can really be a grump about it all hehe!
I do see what he means about some of it all though, I'm sure advert calenders where alot more festive when i was little andnot just full of chocolate with pictures of Barbie or Ben 10 on them.
Anyho I've made the girls one with red pegs and little sacks to fill with goodies and wishes.
I'm loving all the Christmas stock and want to buy some the toadstall pegs for a freind, please can you email me a price + postage and I'll pop a cheque out to you sweetie.
Bless your little fellas, how funny to see them with the big guys. Molly let out a little scream of delight when i showed her them and the snow photos lol
She now wants a mini pony for Christmas along with the Lola dolly.
Not sure our gardens big enough hehe!
Keep warm honey, big hugs,
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes xxx

driftwood said...

our tescos had the bags last week, I'll pop in later and see if I can get you one!