Tuesday, 25 November 2008

.....cut off from the world.....

...... the snow fell overnight silently and we awoke to the most beautiful sight.....

we grabbed our coats (whippets included!) and ran outside to leave a mad design of all our footprints in the clean, soft snowy field

we all love, love, love the snow and even the thought of the broken down generator could not dampen our spirits!
that was until we all came inside looking for a little warmth and found none.... the poor old generator had suffered a slow death the night before - thank fully we have lots of candles and a good few hotties always on hand.

so - we spent the weekend with no electricity and a driveway that was so full of snow that we could not get out and no one could get in.
i have to say that it was one of the nicest weekends ever - up early to hot cups of tea and porridge, out to make deep straw beds for the ponies, feeding of the very hungry, noisy sheep and then back in for more tea and a hot water bottle.

it is dark here at 4.30pm - really dark - we have no street lights
so supper was cooked and eaten by candlelight as we watched yet more snow fall....

we enjoyed the radio again, which i had frankly not listened to for months, we played cards and board games and generally hid ourselves away.
but above all else we spent time together and laughed
a lot :)

Monday morning brought the new generator
i was in the field with the dogs and instead of feeling happy at the thought of the return of the heaters and t.v, i felt sad....
noisy, noisy, stinky generator means work to me - you see - no electricity meant no laptop.
i could not be without my trusty laptop for long - cripes i missed the blogging world and was keen to see how the CL fair had gone in London and Glasgow (way to go girls!)
i also missed my sewing machine and the making of elves was at a standstill, which is probably not a bad thing looking at the pile of limbs and hats that are waiting to be sewn together .....
really, how many elves do i need?
no pictures as of yet as i am considering giving them as an added Christmas gift to my nearest and dearest... or anyone that passes my gate actually.....

....it is now Tuesday morning and i have just got back from moving the ponies - their usual paddock will now be shut off and rested over the Winter - if we fail to do this we will have no grass next year.
the boys now have full access to the rest of our garden - i finished mucking out and went to check on them only to find that they were both under the house veranda - all the grass they can eat in front of them but they chose to eat under the house!

the rest of my day consists of photographing some new stock - fun cupcake cases, beautiful stars for the tops of Christmas trees (think Vintage vibe x ) and lots more
pictures tomorrow
as long as it does not start snowing.

t x


Heart in the country said...

What a wonderful weekend...sometimes it is great to get back to basics with no electric and no chance of anyone to interupt :0) We rarely get snow, just yucky rain.


April said...

sounds blissful. Just reading that post made me feel so peaceful - a real chance to stop and smell the roses as it were. I so envy you being brave enough to make these decisions and I admire you hugely. Something about that isolation really makes you appreciate what you have.

April xx

jules said...

sounds like a goog plan every now and then to take time out, but we missed you and your news so don't do it too often
love jules xx

ps how's the house

The Fairy Glade said...

How lucky you are to get some snow to lay. We actually had a blizzard on Sunday and the snow was falling thick and fast. Sadly, it soon turned to sleet and eventually rain and then disappeared altogether...sigh! My daughter was so disappointed bless her.

Willow said...

Glad to heaar you managed to stay warm and toasty, despite the snow. Yes, it's great to get back to the simple things isn't it?! The forgotten joys of radio ... I so enjoy mine while I'm pottering about in the kitchen, but should put it on more often, instead of the TV!
Willow x

Kitty said...

It sounds like a truly lovely weekend. x

Katie twinkles said...

Gosh, that sounds dead romantic,

IS your shop open? I can't find it.

and Tracy, why not get yourself a hand singer machine?

I have had loads of them. I still own one and I made curtains on it only a year or two ago. They are Great.

carolyn said...

I would probably pass by your gate just for an elf if only you weren't a few hundred miles away.

Pipany said...

Such a lovely blog Tracy and good to hear how you are getting on. Missed you x. Pretty pics of the snow. Where are the elves?!!! Much love xx

Kristina said...

I think that your weekend was perfect! Maybe someone would think I'm mad, but candles, radio and cards, well, everything you've described, just somehow seems very cosy :)
Greetings from Lithuania, country that at the moment is also covered in snow!

tam said...

How nice that you could find joy without all the extras! We had a big storm come through a couple of years ago and went without electrcity for 8 days! It was horrible! We finally got our hands on a generator about the fouth day. But having no hot water to bathe with or wash clothes that was the longest 8 days of my life! LOL! I had some ugly big hair by the end and I was so grateful like never before for all of lifes little extras!

Libby said...

It lovely to be cut off from the world with just candles and a radio buts its nice to come back to the land of the living again.
Glad your all safe and warm (ish)

Alex Mason said...

Your weekend sounded wonderfull xx

weebug said...

here is to hoping that you are nice and warm. what a beautiful place you live in!

nimblejacks said...

snow gosh haven't had a decent snow since I lived in Lincolnshire when I was little you'd think wales = snow not here too near the sea I think!!!

mollycupcakes said...

It's being to look alot like Christmas jumped in to my mind when i saw those snowie photos, lucky you honey to have the never to be seen here snow. The girls will love seeing those pictures tomorrow.
Glad you've got heat again and can see what you're eating, candles are fun but i like to see what I'm putting into my month lol
Lovely to hear you and Stephen enjoying some together time, it's a fabulous thing you both have.
Lots of love,
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes xxx

*emilie* said...

sounds like that weekend was really something special. as if you were going back in time ? or lost in time ?
isn't it so great when you can manage to turn something that should be annyoing into a great experience ?