Saturday, 20 September 2008


i am starting to realise why Pete the sheep Guru is named as such.......

now - i do not believe it is because he does not need a shelter
no, no, no
clearly Rodders felt that his shack needed a window - for what is a shack without a view of another shack!

we will repair it and clad it in very thick Ceder - i am still convinced that come the howling Winter he will be grateful.....


on the shopping front...... quite frankly i have failed.
it is so sunny and warm here today with only a gentle breeze, that i managed only a visit to the library and the craft shop - i just could not stand inside a shoe shop on such a beautiful day.
maybe wellies are a good look for me?
as for the flat cap?
maybe tomorrow.....

t x


Kitty said...

Maybe he really does have a feminine side and would like some Cath Kidston curtains at his window? x

trashalou said...

I would suggest thick, interlined curtain in a heavy furnishing fabric b/c I think come the winter Tracy you will be on the money!

Katie twinkles said...

ungrateful little wotsit. He truly will be thanking you in the winter, but why not get him a flat cap and some thermals too, jst in case?

Vintage to Victorian said...

I should stick with the wellies for the time being. I'm sure there'll be plenty of time to look for boots when the winter weather gets started!

Hope you'll be proved right where Rodders is concerned so you, too, might become known as a guru!!

Sue xx

mollycupcakes said...

Wow he is living up to his name ram by name ram by nature lol
I'm sure he was just doing a quilty control check hehe!
And it didn't fall down it's passed by his standards. Nice job.
Who can blame you for not wanting to walk around the shops on such a beautiful day, I was thinking of you when sitting the garden painting and sending you sunny wishes, glad they worked.
Better luck on finding the wellies.
Wishing you more sun today for Sunday.
Lots of love,
Catherine x

Tash said...

Give that ram of yours a good telling off, leave him shelterless until the first blizzard and *then* see if he wants a window in his lovely new home!!

I'm all for the stick when the carrot doesn't work ;)

He does look quite the little rebel!

Pipany said...

Isn't the weather fab tracy? Sooo loving this autumnal sunshine and like you just buzzing with sewing ideas xx

kristina said...

Wellies are always a good look! K x

carolyn said...

I would live in my hunters given the chance, even with a skirt and yes I have a flat cap too.It folds so beautifully you can just tuck it into your pocket.

Fran├žoise said...


Andrea said...

I LOVE my wellies, my husband has even got a photo of me in my P.J's and my wellies, I won't be posting that one on my blog though!! x

Katie twinkles said...

or monday or tuesday..