Friday, 19 September 2008


fabulous Friday!

the rain has stopped, the sun is trying to shine and the builders are leaving early today - yay
now, i know that i should really want the builders to be here from dawn to dusk in order to get this house finally finished - but i cannot explain the sheer joy of waking up on a Saturday and Sunday to the sound of silence.
the rest of the week i wake to the sound of a diesel generator, a circular saw, hammering and radio one - yuk.
so the weekends are very precious and the fact that this week our weekend will start a few hours earlier is just marvelous.

the reason for them leaving early?
Brian has to dash home to change in to his kilt as he is playing his bagpipes at a local wedding.....
i love that our joiner has this other side!

so - what will we do with this special weekend apart from enjoy the silence?

* build a sheep shelter for our girls
* cover and clad sheep shelters x 2 and the massive pony shelter
* tidy the house after a week of messy builders
* work on the interior of the almost watertight house
* clean the Rayburn before it is moved in to its final place - on a large slab of Caithness stone
* sew, sew, sew - i have so many ideas at the moment that i wake up wanting to sew :)

i also need to look for a pair of boots - each year is the same - if i do not find a pair of boots to wear with my many lovely skirts and thick woolly tights, then i end up wearing them with these.....

now - i LOVE my Hunters and do wear them every day, but at the moment i am even wearing them when i pop in to town - and sometimes it would be nice to look a little more like a girl than a farmer!

my main problem is finding a pair that are not leather - this means that they are cheaper but generally only last a few years.
i do own four pairs of non leather boots but they are packed away and all have a heel - the heels were wonderful when i was a shopkeeper doing nothing all day but dressing my window and drinking tea with customers, but a pair of heels is no good living here......
so - i am on the search for a pair of non leather, flat brown knee high boots...... the fact that i only have a choice of three shops to look in up here will make it a very quick shopping trip - perfect.

i am also off to buy a flat cap.......
firstly it is a must have when you own whippets - but also because i have fallen for the flat caps in this seasons Joules collection.
i love, love, love Joules - it just has a certain something about it that Boden does not, even though they are quite similar ...... could it be that far less folk wear Joules?
anyhoo - as i have no idea if the flat cap will suit me i am going to drive in to John o Groats and try one on in the very Scottish shop they have there - they also have a Costa Coffee so it is well worth the trip out - i will take along the camera and introduce you to the delights of J.O.G next week (there is not a lot to see!)

so that is us all sorted for this weekend - no doubt it will all change by the time we wake tomorrow, but for now i can dream about enjoying a little shopping and a little sewing where the reality will probably be building sheep shelters and hammering nails in the rain.......

leaving you today with two black and white pictures of my sweet black and white girl x

clearly she has had enough of having her picture taken for one week :)

t x


Kitty said...

Happy hat and boot shopping! Can't wait to see what you get. x

jules said...

Now caps I can tell you about caps, th kids wear them here, the mums wear them and of course all my farming neighbours wear them. I have a couple and I feel so trendy when I set off to the shops, my daughter has one in every colour she is so french now it is untrue and of course Tracy as a member of that club that we both know so much about you must have one while you are working, at the moment my favourite is a courdroy one that goes with anything, we have so much in common.
Hats, splinters in our fingers, broken nails no doubt and of course a wonderful sense of fashion on the building site.

we rock girl!!

Bon Weekend

love jules xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Have a wonderfully peaceful weekend. Enjoy the shopping expedition and good luck hunting out what you're looking for!

Photo on the sidebar of you in a cap expected as soon as it's purchased!

Sue x

mollycupcakes said...

I hope it all goes to plan today honey, we've woken to most fabulous sunny skies and am sending it your way.
Have you thought about getting a baby pink pair of hunters, practial and girlie at the same time, I couldn't get any before we went to Featherdown but fell in love with a pair from John Lewis. Hop on to their website, I think they're still doing free postage to UK well worth a look.
Awww flat caps just make me smile because my wonderful Daddy wears one and looks fab in it. I did try it on one evening. They look pretty cool. And am sure you'll rock in one. Can't wait to see the photos.
Gorgeous Mable Moo, little treats from you and your kin in the post xxx
Many love and hugs, enjoy the weekend, it sounds fab.
Catherine x x x

Jane said...

I live in my wellies - I only have one other pair of shoes at the moment.
Perhaps I should go boot shopping too.
I hope you are getting all your shelters built today;

panyan said...

Just wanted to wish you good luck with cleaning up the rayburn. If you let me have your address I can send you a spare Rayburn cookbook as I was given two of the same one for Christmas last year. Call it a moving in present. ps our rayburn is also wedgewood blue and secondhand.

kristina said...

I agree that maybe Hunters in a different color are the answer! And I love flat caps too! Toast is also showing some lovely ones this season (with a discount through Country Living magazine). And finally could I please adopt Miss Mabel Moo :) K x

Jennie said...

I've always said there was a market for high-heeled Wellies! Forget the cloth cap - when those winter winds take off, an over-the-ears fleece cap is the way to go!

Katie twinkles said...

It's Sunday today, but I'm not quite sure that's what you meant?