Wednesday, 20 August 2008

one is better than none

we ended up with one builder yesterday and today - as he was a billy no mates he agreed to let Stephen become his official right hand man
now, stephen is more than capable but has always felt reluctant to force himself on to the building team - nobody wants to work with the boss around ;)

after two exhausting days of really hard graft the house is coming along nicely - Stephen has really enjoyed his time as a labourer but was not overly keen on scaling the roof with only a thin batten to stop him from slipping!
tomorrow we have another builder coming over from Orkney so even more progress should be made - i am not posting pictures as the shape and structure have not really changed, hopefully next week i can show rooms that have all been boarded out - yay :)

i have enjoyed my two days of being a real girl again, clean jeans and a pretty top rather than my building clothes, and some actual sewing has been done

my mind has been full of these little critters for ages and it feels good to actually see them appear - cute, cute, cute!

i have lots more planned for Autumn and will start some Christmas sewing hopefully next week, lots of ideas and Christmas sketches have been done in my current favourite book........

all this fun creating and sewing stops this evening as first thing tomorrow i am back on site - attaching the battens to the other side of the house and cutting and laying the insulation......

also this week we had a special delivery from two of our very favourite little girls....

Molly and Daisy.... talulla says a BIG thank you for her present, she shared them with her two little sisters Bean and Mabel Moo, but brother ghillie was not allowed one as he would only have swallowed it whole and choked!!!!

also she would like it known that the doggy sticker was very quickly swiped from under her nose - she has no idea who the culprit is.....

hugs to you all lovely cupcakes - talulla loves a pressie x

more soon

t x


Katy said...

I haven't been for a visit for AGES (pesky school holidays have meant I am a bad bad blogger!). So much is going on - wow! I'll be back for the (fingers crossed) boarded out room pics next week!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right! One is better than none, but I guess with Stephan there, it's more like one and a half???

monkee maker said...

Hi Tracy,

I just popped over to your other blog and your place looks fab, I bet it'll be stunning when it's finished.

Sorry, I had to laugh at the builders bum issues and the thought of you chucking big burly builders off your land due to their really really bad toilet training! But sorry to read that you're having trouble getting a reliable crew, I hope it works out soon.

Lovely little stitcheries, too.


annie's abode said...

how exciting for you - i am dying to see your house when it is finished. i am particularly keen to see the inside too.

your handiwork is lovely


Jennie said...

Hi Tracy

I am one of your lurkers, a fellow Whippet-fancier(!). If you check out my blog, there is something there for you.

Jane said...

Lovely work Tracy,

Pipany said...

Oh I LOVE these Tracy, particularly the hedgehog designs. Well done you xx

Isobel said...

Love your new creations! Can't wait to see the next ones. :)

prettyshabby said...

Hi T...hope the builder behaved and didnt pee in your seems its the law in builder-world to pee in gardens or not turn up at you think they learn that at builder college? Can you imagine if us girlies did the same!!! love your hedgehogs. x said...

I found you thru Dream Acres Diary and I'm so glad I did! I love your work - I make something similar but my animals are not quite as charming...must do something about that! Thanks for the visit - I'll be back! Nan

mollycupcakes said...

Dear Tracy,

The girls are so so happy to see the girls enjoying their treats, thank you for putting the photos on here, Molly was just over the moon to see them.
Poor Ghillie, he'll have to have a little something for himself.
Big hugs from all of us.
Catherine, Ben and the little cupcakes.xxxx