Monday, 18 August 2008

Builder's Mate

for the last three day's i have been a builder's mate.....
fixing cladding to the outside of the house, fixing battens to the inside of the house, measuring insulation and dreaming of the finished rooms.

we had a team of three builders here last week - the wonderful Pete and two of his friends who live and work over in Orkney.
all went smoothly, the sun was shining, we had very little rain and we could hear happy banter between the workers......
they arrived anytime from 5.30am - 7am and worked through to 6pm.

we woke this morning feeling worn out after our weekend of house building and waited with bated breath for the wonderful sound of builders.....



no sign of the bloody builders

a text from Pete saying he would be working alone for today

he never turned up


are we just unlucky?

we really trust Pete and feel we can work comfortably with him, we so hope that he will turn up in the morning.
watch this space.

i really do not want another day of hammering in nails tomorrow - instead i would like to sit and plan Christmas goodies, finish sewing and photographing my sweet new Autumn range of hedgehogs, squirrels and owls......

a day of planning the yarn colours for my new crochet project - a ripple blanket for Sea House

laying out the first raised bed and digging until my arms fall off!

ordering new, beautiful stock and contemplating the re-opening of my web shop

drinking tea whilst sitting on the very unglamorous pallet outside Betsy, and feeling VERY lucky indeed

we shall see
i will either be back tomorrow with images of hand made goodness or pictures of my bruised and battered builders hands :)


t x

(sweet bird brooch from the marvelous Louise over at Louise Love's)


Katie twinkles said...

Well done Tracy. I'm sure Pete will show up or, alternatively, you will reap the benefits of building your own place...
I know this is probably a horrid word but 'patience' I think is called for. Not because you don't have any, but because, you may well go stir fry crazy waiting for builders...
When are we going to see pictures of you with a mouth full of nails?
P.S wishing you much progress this week x

Anonymous said...

Nothing original to say save "Good luck tomorrow" & I really do hope Pete shows up.


jill said...

Hi Tracy,

I find myself smiling as I finish reading your post. Even with the frustration of the builders being no-shows, you seem serene & optimistic.

Yaay for Tracy! Let's see what tomorrow brings.

mollycupcakes said...

I'm sure Pete will turn up very soon with a very good explanation. And you can rest and pamper your hard working hands. Then get down to some lovely sewing and knitting again. Looking forward to seeing the new Christmas stock.
If you need anything from me just drop me a line sweetie. I'll be doing my Snowmen pegs again this year and some new wooden door stops.
Have a good week and hope the bruising gone down now, naughty ponnies.
Many hugs and lots of love.
Catherine xxx

Fran├žoise said...

Given the 8 hour time lag, morning is good and over in Scotland. I hope you are listening to the happy hammering while I write this . If not, that you are engrossed in some nice project in which to transfer your energy. Good wishes fly your way!

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Can we see a photo of the half finished house please? I think we are all dying for a sneek peek!

Two Crofters said...

you can find lots of pictures of the house build over at my other blog - Sea House - link in my side bar x

pebbledash said...

Hi Tracy, bit slow commenting here....hope the builders turned up and you got to do all the other things you wanted to do! And please send some of your lovely sunny weather to Cornwall. Pipany and I have had enough rain to last us until next year!! Oh, and pop over, I'm having a wee giveaway. Thanks for your email! D x

Anonymous said...

Builders... oh dear. Mine is *only* doing my kitchen and he's reduced me to a quivering irrational wreck.