Friday, 20 June 2008

your words of advice needed.......

( i love this picture of the miss mabel skipping alongside Stephen x )

the time has come for me to invest in a new camera - it has to produce great, clear pictures of stock for my websites, and action shots of my ever growing family of animals.

i am a very impatient photographer so will need a camera that i can really just point and shoot.
of course budget is an issue but i will stretch the pennies for the right one :)

the pictures on my current digital camera always seem to come out on the dark side whatever the weather - for my Not on the High Street pages i always have to lighten the picture and this is time consuming as well as really dull!

i need as much help and advice as you can give - there are so many blogs that i look at and just feel picture envy!!!!

i almost purchased the same as Gemma
but i feel i need to look at other options as well.



yesterday turned in to a bright and sunny afternoon so no new dress was made for the ted.....
and today is sunny too - so it is back to the cardboard boxes :(

the house is almost empty of all items that are not being moved in to the trailer - we still have an entire garage of furniture to shift this weekend - heavy work so extra bananas and biscuits need to be purchased.
the beautiful Betsy trailer just needs a new floor to be laid - the bad side of living this far away from any big shops is the lack of choice.
we are having to settle for tiles that we really do not like much at all - but we need to have something and quick.

of course the main excitement of the weekend is our new arrivals - i will take lots of pictures and show you all next week

happy weekend everyone

t x


GenerallyGemma said...

Ohhh look at her all snuggled up! How adorable!

Well, you obviously know how I feel about my new baby! I'd love an slr but if you also want the ability to point and shoot I'm not too sure if they have that capability.,&SortBy=SkuOfferingPriceDESC&IsInStockOnly=False&comp=y

I think that is basically the updated model of mine.

For a compact point and shoot these look pretty good though.,&SortBy=SkuOfferingPriceDESC&IsInStockOnly=False&comp=y

They actually have more megapixels than my baby does!

Jane said...

I use a canon EOS 400D - but I use it badly and not to the best of its capabilities - I just point and press and find it great for that.
I must learn how to use it properly though,
Adorable puppy - I met Caroline's deerhound this week - oh I am in love - but tried not to show it as I am NOT able to get one.

Fran├žoise said...

I can tell you which one I got and am not very pleased with for the same reasons you mention about yours: Canon Powershot A710IS.

Previously, I had a very early Kodak Easy Share which was much better. Also it came with a battery base which meant I NEVER had to worry about low batteries when I travelled. A big plus!
Have you considered Jane at Yarnstorm's model? She says she never has to do anything but crop her pictures and they are brilliant.

That little blue coat on Mabel is just adorable!

pebbledash said...

I use a Panasonic DMC-TZ3 = it's point and shoot but also has a great macro, which I use a lot, and the lens is also wide with 10x zoom, and 7 megapixels. Lots of opportunity to play with the settings too. Oh, and Leica lens which is a plus. If I had the money I would get a digital slr, but that doesn't mean the photos would be any better!!

And doesn't Miss Mabel look sooo cute in her knitted jumper.

Have a great weekend. D x

Tracy's Mum said...

i haven't a clue about cameras,but have just caught up with your blogg,which i miss reading every day,i so wish i could come up and help you,but we are so ,so busy where we are now. that all finish's in about 4 weeks. I just love the photo's,so get a good camera!!
Good luck to you both.
Much love Mummy.xxxxxxxx

Kelly McClorey said...

howdy t! i am going to be very naughty and look at all your comments because i too am on the verge of a new camera : ) it probably won't be until the end of the year but i need to do research beforehand. i currently use an olympus point and press (camedia c-60 with 6.1 mp) it has done me alright but i would love a better macro facility. i usually end up editing my images before i post them (auto-enhance etc). i plan to ask around my blog readers too for advice in a few months. can i copy your homework in the meantime??!

mabel is the most scrumptious creature. i want to put my arms around her! enjoy your w'end and midnight walk. xxx

driftwood said...

how exciting to be nearly ready to move - looking forward to seeing photos of the finished betsy

Charlie P said...

I feel your camera pain! Fiddling around with settings helps a bit but I reckon it is worth paying a bit more for a fancy camera. Looking forward to see the new arrivals...

p.s. I think I'm in love with Joe the pig :)

Kitty said...

I bought a new camera fairly recently and just love it. Wrote a blog post about it here a little while back.

Good luck! x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I use a Canon Powershot A710 - it takes great photos & is very easy to use. All the photos on my blog, website & ebay are taken with it.


jillytacy said...
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jillytacy said...

I can't help you on the camera. Where you need pictures of your stock you need a nice camera. I have a very basic one and my pictures reflect that! I am also envious of the gorgeous pictures some people have on their blogs.
I'm anxious to see the pictures of the new arrivals!!!! Mabel is gorgeous in her little sweater! She is so adorable! I just want to hug her!

Pipany said...

How cute is that! Dear of her.

No idea what our camera is Tracy but will look tomorrow as it takes gorgeous pics with little effort (though some of mine are a bit dire!).

Have a lovely weekend xx

Anonymous said...

I love my Samsung digimaxL85-so easy to use!
Ahh Darling Mabel.

Foxtail Lilly said...

Oh such a sweetie!
I use a Samsung Digimax L85 -Been so pleased with it . I realy wanted a Leica but funds wouldnt run to it so went for this retro feel camera so easy to use.

Lexi said...

I'm going to recommend a Nikon D40. It will produce wonderful photographs, is affordable for a DSLR, and is very user friendly. Hope that helps.

Nin said...

We're pretty happy with our Canon Powershot IXU 850 point and shoot, it has a really nice colour balance and does nice closeups. It's also nice and small so can be easily slipped in a pocket for puppy walks. Battery lasts a long time too, and it also does great video.

My dream point and shoot is a Canon G9 which is essentially has all the functionality of a big SLR, but fits in the palm of your hand.

Jenny said...

I have a Canon 400D which is wonderful but very big but i also have access to my partners which is also a good one and is a lot smaller and takes excellent macro shots. His is an Olympus and has a 20x zoom. Good luck with your choice-very exciting.

Jane said...

Mabel looks so adorable all curled up. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 and it gives beautiful crisp clear shots, I never feel the urge to play with the buttons because it is spot on every time, but it is almost the same size as a DSLR. I have been eyeing up the Canon Powershot G9 as it is more compact and I am very tempted as the reviews are very good, but at £273 on Amazon I need to save up. The Canon is also Which? magazine's favourite compact as they reckon it produces beautiful clear pictures almost as good as a DSLR
Hope this helps Jane x

The said...

oooh, I see a birthday coming up! does this mean there's going to be a puppers party?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I don't have any camera advice really. I use a Canon because it's the easiest. But, I wanted to say that the new dog photos are so very sweet! Edward and I were charmed!

asti said...

I'll second the Nikon D40.....entry level DSLR - you can twiddle and play with the settings as much as you want...or just use auto (you won't want to when you get used to it though !)Great results either way. I love mine !

Gigibird said...

I use a Canon Powershot. Very straight forward.