Monday, 23 June 2008

the weekend where nothing went to plan......

.... the borrowed trailer turns out to be broken - doors wedged shut and electrics not working
Stephen spent the morning wishing he had checked the trailer days before and searching for another - with no luck.

i woke with toothache

Dillon and Woody have not been collected :(

...... still no trailer found so we accept that our new boys will not be arriving this weekend - we both feel sad.

my toothache is REALLY sore

rain, rain, rain
wind, wind, wind

one of my precious feather eiderdowns has been on the washing line outside in all this awful weather and i fear that it may be soaked and torn - too grumpy and sore to go outside and collect it

mouth became so sore that i was unable to eat my new chocolate wafers or even a malteser

all in all a bad, bad weekend

we are peeping in to this week knowing that it is our last week in this stone cottage.
we still have a garage full of furniture, a house full of books, and a very large amount of cat hair that needs cleaning up.
i have parcels to pack, items to make and a house to clean from top to bottom.
Stephen is away for two days visiting other folks house builds so ours is without a watchful eye.
saying that - we have moved on considerably in the last week since a fantastic new crew arrived :)
i will post pictures of a completed floor in the next few days over at Sea House

my toothache is better today - still sore but not as bad
i clearly have quite a lot of biscuits to catch up on!

the kitchen cupboards will be emptied and cleaned today with the contents being transferred to the beautiful Betsy.
it is not helpful when you turn around and find a rabbit in your cupboard.....

we face a week of filling a transit van and carting stuff to site and collecting a takeaway on the way home
takeaway on the third night running suddenly stops being a treat!

hey ho - it will all be worth it in the end

t x


Pipany said...

Oh poor you Tracy, that sounds like an awful weekend. The weather won't have helped either - freezing here today. Good luck with the packing and just look at that gorgeous picture of a smiling Tallulah! xx

Jenny said...

Hope everything works out and that the toothache is well and truely on the mend-I'll send you some sunshine from Australia!

Fran├žoise said...

Oh, Tracy, get thee to a good dentist , prontissimo!! Don't delay treatment, these kind of aches are serious. Really. OK. I know you have a very nice mum so I'll stop now.

As you say, in the end, it'll all sort itself out. A new trailer will be found, the duvet will dry out, and all your books will end up neatly stacked on new shelves in your wonderful new house, and Dillon and Woody, whatever they are ,settled with their new family.
Isn't that cute of your adorable rabbit to guard your shelf?. . .

April said...

Oh Tracy, sounds like you're having a rough time

Hang in there and it will all be worthwhile

Hope the tootache gets better.

Think I must have eaten your share of Maltesers lately with all that's been happening to me!

April xx

kristina said...

Oooh--it sounds like a terribly trying weekend. Hopefully things will be looking up very soon. Thinking of you. K x

Katie twinkles said...

Is it the trashy trailer that is the prob? Thats too bad :-((

I hope you find a good one. Otherwise, they are doing some nice tents in millets or maybe, it being solstice type Glastonbury thingy you could both set to work and build a lovely bender. It has been done! Seriously, I really hope you get something sorted and sending a big hug x

acrossthepond said...

I have to agree with Francois! Off to the dentist for you!! In my experience these things only get worse not better on their own. I am sure the dentist is the last thing you want to do though.

I hope this week goes better and you find time to post some pictures of the whole of the cottage from the out side before you leave it. Good luck.

Love that bunny!

trashalou said...

Oooh! Toothache that is the worst ever. Much sympathy for you.

I love how you say 'turn around and find a rabbit in your cupboard' like that is not at all strange and unusual. Hahahaha.

pebbledash said...

Ouch in every respect...hope you've left the toothache behind, and can find a new trailer for your new boys. Sounds like you need a friend or two to give you a hand. Hope your week gets better. Dx

jillytacy said...

Sorry, it sounds like an awful weekend but finding a rabbit in the cupboard sounds fun! Sorry about Woody and Dillion we're all anxious for them to arrive so we can meet them too!
I hope your tooth is better. Here's hoping the rest of your week is better than your weekend!

jillytacy said...

Happy birthday to Talulla! I hope she gets lots of bones and biscuits for her birthday. My daughter just saw her picture and asked "Who's that?" When I told her, she got excited saying "I love Talulla!"

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Sound like a difficult weekend for you. We would help if we were there! Do please visit the dreaded dentist (having an appointment with one tomorrow, I feel entitled to use the word "dreaded"). Feel better.

Oh, I'm sure I read somewhere that it is good luck to find a bunny in your cupboard.

Fern said...

Hello Tracy,
Thought it's about time I said hello, I have been looking in on you for a while now and love your blog, it great to see someone with more animals than me!
I keep checking in to see if the new website is up and running as I am looking forward to seeing it. I bought some lovely ribbon from you a little while ago, my first ever purchase from etsy.
I hope things are better for you this week, we have done the house building thing and it's definately worth it in the end, hang in there!
best wishes.

Jane said...

The baboushkas arrived today - absolutely perfect (everyone get over to Tracy's shop pronto) - thank you.
Your rabbit looks very like ours - the one that used to be a chicken,

Vintage to Victorian said...

Poor you - just keep 'thinking positive'!!
Sue x

julie said...

Tracy you deserve a very large medal for all that you've endured over the last few months. I do have no doubt though that it will be worth it in the end and can't wait for the news that you're happily ensconced in your new home. Hope the toothache has gone x

Nin said...

Oh, good luck, good luck, good luck! Just don't think about things this week and then you can look back on it and see that it's all done.

And sorry about the tooth, have you tried clove oil? xx

mollycupcakes said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear you've had a bad weekend.
When it rains it pour and everything happens at once, flaming life is just not fair at times.
But it will all be worth it in the end, a beautiful home and happy faces.
Dillon and woody will be with you soon and I'm sure they don't mind waiting a little olonger for Mumm and Daddy to collect them.
Hope you tooth ache is all gone now and your back on the biscuits lol
I'd love to open up one of our cupboards and find a Binks inside, he's just making sure he's packed too hehe!
Many hugs sweetie.
I forgot to let you know about our new camera, it's a Canon G9. Ben's toy lol very good I take great stock shots now for Mollycupcakes. Highly recommend this one.
More hugs.
Catherine x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Tracy
Hope that toothache clears up very quickly, you poor thing! Sending you lots of get well wishes and good luck with the move, fingers crossed that it all comes together in the end

Linen & Roses said...

Oh dear, I hope this week is going better than the weekend did and that the toothache is all gone. It really will be worth it in the end when you have your lovely new house.

Kitty said...

Toothache is one of the most horrid 'aches' isn't it? Utterly miserable. I hope you feel much better soon.

So much to do for you ... all you can do is take it one job at a time I guess.

Take care. x