Sunday, 8 June 2008

its too hot!!!!

yep - today was officially too hot here on the North East Coast of Scotland

the dogs took it easy on their late afternoon walk which actually was wonderful for the Bean - her foot is much better but she is not allowed to hop, skip or jump just yet.......
so a gentle mooch in the forest was perfect for her x

poor Miss Mabel Moo has to be plastered in suncream, especially on her very sweet dotty ears and heart shaped nose - when you cuddle her it reminds you of being on holiday x


the good thing about all this dry weather is the chance to take pictures of new stock outside

everything looks better in a touch of sunlight

my website is nearing completion - i just have to type up the terms and conditions and we are good to go ......
the exciting new stock from Japan will not go on to the website until it has been shared with you all on this blog - the plan is to pop the items on for sale and wait a week before it hits the website and my NOTHS page.
items will be available as stock lasts - it seems as if certain designs sell out fast and i am only ordering in a certain amount at a time as my budget will allow!

the temptation to keep stock has never been greater :)

i have been thinking long and hard about how my two blogs work - up until this point i have been really reluctant to showcase new stock too often - i would hate to feel that i was forcing stock down your throats.
i am not keen on pressure selling and hope that i will never make you feel that this is what i am doing....
but a girl has to make a living when she has so many animals to feed!!
so - gradually over the next few weeks and months as Sea House is built and we move in to our new home, there will be a shift in how my blogs are used.....

Cupcakes at Home will be predominately used for showcasing new imported stock and sharing new creations handmade by myself in my sparkling new workshop to be.
it will give you the opportunity to purchase certain stock before it is uploaded on to my websites (Decole etc)
i will also have special offers and giveaways!!

Sea House will be the place to find all the animals, the chaos of living with so many animals, chat, laughter and tears...
the place where i can share with you all my thrifted goodies as i unpack all those boxes
(cannot wait!!!)
a place where friends and most importantly my family can see what we are up to x

i hope that the change will be painless, i am very unsure about the whole selling via my blog so please offer any advice or warnings!

leaving you now as it is time for a plate of rocket risotto x

if you have a spare moment pop on over to Sea House and meet Rodders :)

t x


driftwood said...

do you have to use special doggy suncream? looking forward to all the lovely shop things, will there be a paypal option for buying from the blog - this might be easiest for some people?

Two Crofters said...

we use normal children's total sunblock cream on Mabel :)
and folk will be able to pay via paypal x
nice to hear from you
t x

Jenny said...

Looking forward to reading more about your wonderful adventures with your doggies and craft and new home. My brain doesn't associate hot in Scotland!!Enjoy the sunshine and good luck with your shop:)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all your new stock! And the new house! Hello to the pups, they are beautiful.

Bernadette said...

Your dogs are just too beautiful! Everytime I see Miss Mabel Moo my heart melts. Can you tell me, which kind of dogs they are?

Greetings from Austria, Bernadette

mollycupcakes said...

Good to hear Bean is much better and out and about enjoying the sun.
Bless Miss Mabel Moo, bet she smells like my girlies do when I've smothered them in suncream lol all fresh and yummy.
Fab idea with the blog, it's one of the best places to show new items and stock. We all love to shop.
Really looking forward to seeing the new look website.
And hearing all the news over at Sea house.
Many hugs honey from myself and the girls.
Catherine x

Kitty said...

I've checked out Rodders - what a handsome dude!

I shall continue reading both here and 'there'. Wishing you all the best for the move. x

jillytacy said...

I'm new to your blog but I can't wait to see what you have for stock! It all seems very exciting! No one has to buy if they don't want to. Besides I'm sure everyone will enjoy seeing your stock and having the opportunity to purchase things they like.

Deb said...

Oh it is too hot! In the high 90's here too. Poor Ben just sits in his little kiddie pool in the shade :-} Glad Bean is doing better. Mabel's pics are adorable too.

prettyshabby said...

can't wait to see your new website...I love the little peeks you keep giving us of your stock,it all looks totally gorgeous and totally dangerous on the pocket.. no wonder you are struggling with the temptation! I think it's a great idea to showcase things on your blog,yvestown,Louise loves and The Vintage Home do on theirs and I always pop over to the websites when I see new stock has been added.
Mable looks more and more gorgeous..she has that surprised puppy look with massive ears and gangly legs that she's got to grow in her! We used to have to put suncream on one of our cats ears as being white he would burn easily.. he used to smell like coconut..yum!

Barbara said...

Well, these changes sound very exciting. Good fun to mix things up a bit and I'm looking forward to seeing your new stock. Off to read your other blog now! Bx

acrossthepond said...

I am really happy to see your new stock on your blog. As long as we don't miss out on the puppers!

Good luck. I hope it all works out well!

Nonnie said...

Really looking forward to seeing all your new stock. I think selling via the blog is fine. I'm planning on doing something similar myself in that I will be announcing whenever I add anything new to my webshop.
Glad that Bean is getting better and enjoying the sunshine.

trashalou said...

Moving house, moving blogs... good grief my head is spinning just thinking about it! Looking forward to seeing what is in those boxes

Primrose Hill said...

Hey T,

Isn't the weather fab just now, as you say just too hot, we were baking on Sunday too!
Think the idea of selling via the blog is good, we're going to have to do the same as I'm just never going to get everything on to the website.
Don't beat yourself up about buying stuff in to sell, I'm doing the same in the studio, I think a balance of handmade and other nice bits and bobs are good. To be honest (sadly) not everyone appreciates the whole handmade thing and you have to cater for all markets, my rule of thumb is if I like it and would have it in my own home I don't see why I shouldn't sell it. Also, there is a limit as to how much you can make in both volume and variation in products, as you say, you have to make a living out of this.
Right, I've wittered on enough, looking forward to seeing all your new goodies. Will drop you a line as we're getting a new addition that you're just going to LOVE!
Speak soon,
P.S. looking forward to that visit. xx