Wednesday, 4 June 2008

good to be back!

ahhhhh - blogger how i have missed you.......
it has been quite awhile since my last post and i feel as if something has been missing in my daily life.
i have popped by a few of my most loved blogs but there has never been a time where i could concentrate enough to sit and type on my own - life is busy.

anyhoo - a quick round-up....

binks the rabbit was really poorly and we truly thought we were going to lose him.
our vets are similar to most in the fact that when it comes to rabbits they really do not have a clue :(
at his lowest point when he was still eating but absolutely nowt was coming out the other end i thought he was a gonner.
i threw all remedies that i knew at him and then had a eureka moment......

many, many years ago when i worked at the vets i was discussing with a client (rabbit owner) about the general lack of rabbit knowledge - she told me that years earlier when she was a girl her rabbit had become unwell - in those days a family just did not bother taking bunny to the vets - he would have just been helped off by way of father and some heavy item - gulp.
she let me in on a long forgotten and no doubt never tested and researched secret..... pineapple!

yep - copious amounts of pineapple later and binks is back to his normal self - pineapple - who would have guessed it?

also damaged again is my very special girlie bean :(
the beautiful sweet one has managed to aggravate an old foot injury - she is in pain and is generally a bit miserable.
she is getting lots of extra cuddles, carry walks to look at the ducks, and slices of fresh smoked chicken x
only time will heal - helped along with some remedies x

puppers x 2 are growing fast and are both well.
mabel is naughty, naughty, naughty!!
but when one is as pretty as she is..........

ghillie had his first outside shower today as i can no longer lift him in to the bath - the neighbours had quite a show!!

on other news....
Sea House is full steam ahead and as of today my studio is also coming along - hurrah!!
it will still be another month until the house is fully up and another couple of months until it is at a stage where we can move in - so we have made the decision to become........

trailer trash!!!!!!
yep - we now have a trailer on site and we will be in it at the end of the month come rain or shine.
we have handed our notice in on the stone cottage so there is no turning back - eeekkkkk.

i of course have visions of life being rather like this.....

a coffee and a headscarf........

stylish living by the sea
ahhh i can see it now.......

sadly - the actual reality is sooooooo different.
i will pop some pictures of home sweet home to be over at Sea House tomorrow

brace yourselves ladies
it ain't pretty!

t x


Gigibird said...

Very interesting about rabbits and pineapple.
Glad to hear the house is moving forward.

Sara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your poorly babies, and glad to hear things are healing well. My friend used to drive quite a distance to find a good bunny-vet - it seems there's a need for specialists!

I share your vision of trailer life! Don't disillusion me!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.
My Ede has been up to so much mischief also!!
Hope pup on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.
My Ede has been up to so much mischief also!!
Hope pup on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.
My Ede has been up to so much mischief also!!
Hope pup on the mend soon.

Jenny said...

Wow! Pineapple hey-I never would have guessed! Glad she is on the mend. Good luck with the trailer-hope everything gets finished soon so we can see you in your head scarf looking glamorous!!! Great photos

Françoise said...

Hi Tracy, I am glad you and Olive are one. I'll be ordering tomorrow!
Sorry you had to come on my site on a chicken day. If you visit again I hope it'll be on a flower post. Roses are stupendous here in the NW even though it's been COLD and RAINY.
Poor Bean, I hope she heals soon. Mabel is adorable but it's Ghillie that makes my heart melt, huge baby though he is!

Françoise said...

About pineapple and rabbits,
look at this site: - 8k -
I guess papaya would do too though harder to get in Northern Scotland!

jules said...

tracey, glad you are back and everything is sounding sooo exciting, anyway many famous people had trailers when they were on the road and I'm sure you'll look every bit the Audrey Hepburn in you scarf and kitten heels!! Can't wait to see the house

love jules x

Poppy Black said...

Poor furry babies! I get so worried about mine when something is not right. Now I'm going to have a new one to worry about too. It is true that vets don't have the knowledge required to adequately care for rabbits. The get all anxious about anaesthetising them, and make ominous comments about them being fragile, and likely to die at the drop of a hat. Luckily Mr Bunny has generally had good health, and is looking great for an old man.

I had to smile at the elegant ladies posing gracefully next to the caravans. I wonder if maids come with their caravans? I will post pictures of our house build tonight. My goodness, who would have thought such a mess could be made in such a short time? XXX

trashalou said...

Dear Trailer Trash,

Hurrah! You're back!! We missed you.

When I worked at Boots in the West End we used to have 'theeayter actORs' come in and buy pineapple juice for their throats.

from Hilltop Trash.

Jane said...

My friend Debs at East Cambusmoon Farm blog did the trailer thing over the winter (and I thought she was such a sensible woman) and is now happily settled in her eco house - pop over there and trawl through the pics if you want to feel better. I do think the headscarf might work though - don't forget the kittenish shoes though
Sad to hear about ill animals. I shall remember the pineapple info - our rabbit certainly loves peaches

mollycupcakes said...

Hello lovely lady good to have you back.
Poor Binks, so glad he's better now give him a big kiss on his little nose for me X
And the gorgeous Bean lots of bug hugs from all of us especially the girls. They love your doggies.
Wonderful news about the house, it's so exciting I just can't imagine how your feeling.
Living in a trailer in site is a good idea, save all that money on renting means more loveliness to buy for the new home lol
Now that sounds like a great plan hehe!
Speak soon sweetie.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Kitty said...

Pineapple, eh? Such a wonderful fruit - and now magical too. So glad Binks is better, and hope Bean feels much better soon too.

As for you living in a trailer - why do I get the feeling it'll be the most stylish trailer ever?!

Take care. x

driftwood said...

love the glamorous headscarf look! how big will this trailer be to fit in all the dogs?

Nonnie said...

Good to see you back again. Really looking forward to seeing picture of how the new house is coming along, pretty or not! Hope dear Bean is feeling better soon. x

Katie twinkles said...

Excellent! I can stop sighing now.
I have a skirt just like the Trailer Trash Lady is wearing in the first picture which I could dispatch to you..........
In fact that is how I look, so carefree most days with a coffee in my hand.

*It's all very exciting*


Liz said...

Glad to hear all your babies are doing better. Good luck with the trailor, I lived in one as a child when my parents were building our house.. things got pretty cramped! :) You'll make it though.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I hope your sweet wee ones are on the mend! Interesting bit about the pineapple; I'll keep that one in the memory banks, as I think my daughter wants one of each kind of animal to raise; she's an animal lover to the core (she's also nearly a vegetarian of her own choosing at the ripe old age of 7)! Looking forward to your photos of Sea House progress! =)

Miles Away In France said...

I would love to have a short spell of living in a trailer, make the most of every moment.

Sorry to hear that you have had a couple of poorly pets but glad to hear that they are on the mend.

Racheal x

Pipany said...

Hurray, you're back! Been desperate to hear how the house is coming on. Trailer eh? Love the images you've posted Tracy! xx

jillytacy said...

I learned about the wonder of pineapple when my daughter was a year old. She's a fruit eater and ate way too much pineapple. It really is a natural laxative!! We were more careful about the amount of pineapple she ate after that. Glad to hear your bunny is on the mend. Hope your dog is back to her old self soon!

*emilie* said...

Ghillie, Ghillie.. you are the sweetest !

Charlie P said...

Pineapple?! Could have done with knowing that a few years ago!
I'm looking forward to seeing your trailer :)

acrossthepond said...

I have to agree about the bunny vets. We are having tremendous bunny trouble right now and it could have all been prevented if the vet had been more knowledgeable about how highly contaigous our sick bunny was. Now we have 3 that have very suddenly died and are hoping to save the other three with another visit to a different vet.

I cannot wait to see the photo's of the sea house. I hope it is all going well.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

We are devoted fans of your blogs and love the new doggie photo! W've added you as a link on ours! Do stop by and say hello!

prettyshabby said...

awww ...poorly creatures...I hope they will be back to normal and up to no good again soon..I love that new header picture of Mable..what a sweetie, I couldnt be cross with that face either! x

Françoise said...

This is THE most adorable picture of Mabel yet!

kristina said...

Thank you so much for all the whippet info--I'll have to start working on convincing G. Then again I think the picture of Mabel might just do it!

Could you please let me know what catalogue the 'Trailer Trash' pictures were from--I love the style--definitely not trailer trash in the least! K x