Saturday, 28 June 2008

i will never, ever move again - not ever

oh my
two house moves within one year (just)

never, ever moving house again ...... well apart from Betsy in to the house
but that is it!

we worked until almost Midnight yesterday - the stone cottage is almost empty, just a mattress, sofa and boxes of stock.
running a small business whilst moving is not great - i have put a stop to any hand made items until the studio is up and running - i just cannot see me sewing in Betsy.
the upside of this is that i will turn again to knitting and crochet - lovely :)

the animals all know that something is up - there restlessness has got me thinking about the last move.......
and we all know how the cats reacted to that - mmmmmmm

i have decided to drug bella, archie and twigs on animal moving day - naturally of course.

Organic Valerian drops from here
it is great to help calm all animals, but cats especially find the smell appealing - drops will be placed on bedding over the next few days and then directly in to their mouths just before popping them in the car.
it is only eight miles down the road so i am hoping that all bodily "movements" will be minimal :)

poor talulla and bean are walking around hanging their heads - they fear that we will be travelling the 750 miles that we did before

binks the rabbit does not seem to be affected - he is just racing around the empty house having a great time!

of course through all this we had a puppers birthday to enjoy - gifts and cake for my sweet talulla x
the weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed an early morning forest walk -

(note to self - never send a man out to buy a birthday cake for a dog - this one feeds 16!!!)

it is now Saturday evening and the garage is all but empty - we have lost a few pieces due to a leaky roof which we thought we had fixed but now see we hadn't :(

the plan for tomorrow is to finish cleaning and go over and finish Betsy's floor - we can then move a few pieces of furniture in so that it looks like home.

the house build is moving on at a great pace and we now have a complete floor - the crew say that this time next week we will have a house without its roof - i will post new pictures over at the Sea House blog tomorrow.

and finally it seems that Dillon and Woody will arrive on Wednesday .........
we all hope so

t x


Pipany said...

Oh can't wait to see your house pics Tracy. I completely agree with you about moving - i hate it and like to put down roots, but it will be so worth it for you all.

PS - I think I may have to steal Tallula away from you as she is just the cutest dog ever! Good luck with the move xx

pebbledash said...

Nearly sure Betsy will make a good 'interim' home before your 'proper' home is ready. And at leat you'll be able to snuggle in with some knitting and crochet. Looking forward to seeing new pics too. And the birthday girl and her cake...just gorgeous! D xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

All very exciting, and can totally sympathise with the 2 moves in a year as we moved Mum down from Northampton to be next door to us only 6 months after moving in ourselves! Exhausting, but worth it in the end.

Looking forward to meeting Dillon and Woody on Wednesday!

Sue x

trashalou said...

Just one small step left until the final stop and THEN no more. Hang in there.

Kitty said...

Hang on in there! It'll all be worth it in the end. I can sympathise on the moving thing - we're still living out of suitcases, hoping the 'next' move won't be too far off.

Thanks for the link to the herbs site - I must try that. Last time the hamster got so upset he bit me! :-O


Deb said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Talulla!
Good luck with the move Tracy.

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck honey with moving into Besty. I'm sure it will be a lovely little home full of prettiness, love, knitting and animals lol
Glad Talulla had a fab birthday. The girls got her some yummy treats but not sure where to post them, can you drop me a line hun, so I can get them off to her. Thanks sweetie.
Can't wait to see the photos of Sea house and Woody and dillon.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

I want to meet Dillon & Woody, please dont keep us waiting for too long!!!

Lindsay XX

prettyshabby said...

Moving is so stressful..I dont envy you that one..maybe you should have a whole bottle of valerian at the ready too!
You have the cutest animals possible..hope Tallula had a great day..and didnt eat too much of her 16 portions cake!(our dog would have eaten the candles too given half the chance!)

Fern said...

Good Luck with your move, it's a big step nearer to living in your dream house.

Charlie P said...

Wow! It sounds like moving animals is a lot more difficult than moving everything else out of the house. I hope you all fit into Betsy!

p.s. I love that photos of the rabbit in the cupboard :D More Binks action please!

asti said...

Oh, good luck, good luck ! So exciting (stressful too...), I'm finding crochet a great stress buster at the mo, so get going!
Looking forward to seeing pics ofthe house and your gorgeous dogs all settled in.
Thanks for the valerian tip for the animals and the link to the site - very useful.
asti x

jillytacy said...

I've been thinking of you and the animals as you prepare to move. I hope that all goes well. It's a big transition but I'm sure once everyone adjusts, life will be good again! Good luck!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I just have to say...your header is

M ^..^

Libbys Blog said...

House moving is just so much hard work. How on earth do we accumulate so much stuff!!!
Looking forward to seeing pics of your new house!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Never say never!!
I always say that after each move but there is always one more move left in everyone..
Though I am sure you will not want to move from your idyllic new nest..
I hope the move went smoothly for the beasties and they are all settling in well.. that goes for the two crofters too of course..


acrossthepond said...

Good luck and hang in there! I think everyone that makes a move vows vever to do it again.....just like childbirth! The horror will soon be a distant memory when you are posting lovely pictures of the sea house and spending long days in your studio!

Linen & Roses said...

Hope the animal move goes ok. I can totally understand how you're feeling about the move. After I moved in with Simon in April we both felt totally stressed out and despite the fact we'd like to get a new place together we vowed not to for a little while as the thought of packing everything up again is too horrible!
Really looking forward to seeing your photos of the new house. At least your move from the caravan into the new house will be a short one.