Sunday, 3 February 2008

BIG feet firmly under the table!


Ghillie Gumdrop has made himself completely at home
in just a week he has changed from a quiet, slightly worried sweet chap in to a MONSTER

look at the face
look at the teeth
of course he is no match for the Ninja Bean
but my sweet Talulla is a little concerned - as you can see from the picture above.......

the trouble maker spends as much time as he can outside
wind, rain, snow - he ventures forth
a true chap!
we have enjoyed our first dusting of snow, which sadly lasted only a day, but the girls love it - they speed round the garden as fast as their whippet feet will go x

on the cat front
Archie has a new bed which he is very pleased with - he will share only with Bella Boo and only at night - the rest of the day he bites the legs of whichever cat dares to enter......

we end this week, Ghillie Gumdrops first week, with a new bed, mad puppers who never sleeps, a washing pile that is forcing its way out of the laundry room, a floor that i now refuse to look at and HUGE bags under my eyes......

next week will be different
i plan on being super dooper organised, tidy and producer of many crafty things

see you all next week
i will be the bright, happy cheerful one - high on life and Gin......

t x


Rubyred said...

Glad to see that Ghillie has made himself TOTALLY at home,although Talulla does look a little concerned,the look on her face did make me laugh!Archie looks SO comfy in his little bed.Have a good week and happy crafting!

Andrea said...

Where does the time go? I had sooo much planned for last week, but apart from a Rosebud Ball here and a Rosebud Heart there, it is just gone!!

Kitty said...

Gosh, is it my imagination or is he growing hugely already? :-O

I wish you luck with your 'organised week' - I keep promising myself one and it never happens. x

mollycupcakes said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with Mr Ghillie, I'm sure he's just showing them he's the man of the house. the girls will soon whip him into shape hehe!
Awww Archie is so cute and I can just see him snuggled up with Bella boo at night all warm and cosy, bless. Give him and her a stroke from me, they remind me so much of Ronnie, I just love tabby's.
Keep warm honey.
Catherine x

Dragonfly said...

Who'd have puppies, huh?

Me...and you, of course. Although, Ghillie is so big, it's hard to see him as a puppy! I love the way they get their teeth out, I didn't ever see Pip's teeth til Barney showed up!!

Pipany said...

Golly he's grown! Gorgeous chap though Tracy xx

Jane said...

What a HOUND!
Happy gin drinking - you can never see the floor of our laundry room, often you can't close the door.

Christina said...

Hi, Do you mind if I link to your blog? been lurking here forever-or thereabouts ;) ahandmadegreentopia.blogspot is my blog if you want to check it out.
Ghillie is adorable, can't wait to someday be able to have pets again, especially a cat :)