Wednesday, 9 January 2008

piano love

thank you all so much for your words of advice and encouragement regarding the piano, and a huge hello to all the new visitors to my blog - it is so nice to meet you all - i intend on visiting you all as soon as i can x

i am loving the piano!!
i realise it is going to be a long and sometimes rocky road - but it is so much fun x
so far i practice a little each day, i have stuck labels on the keys and marked the notes on the music scores and have begun with the most basic of books - i think i will start looking for a tutor as i do not think i am learning correctly - i seem to have no interest in learning to actually read music, i just want to play a nice tune!
so far i can play Yankee doodle, silent night, Scarborough fair and a few other (very) basic tunes.
the bloggers who said it would be easier playing a tune that you know were so right - gradually it is becoming more and more naturally instinctive when finding the correct key to play next.

early days.....

apart from the piano playing i have progressed with making of new stock for the website.
talking of which - I HAVE BEEN HIJACKED
a kindly fellow blogger sent me an email to say that a horrid spider virus was sitting where my sweet website used to be
thankfully i have a rather clever and wonderful guy who looks after my website and he is in the process of fixing it - we are just waiting until this evening to find out how much damage has been done - it may mean a whole new look to the site, which i have to say will be a good thing - i am kind of sick of all that pink!

as well as sewing, knitting and general website stuff i am busy sorting the house out for some visitors that are due at the end of the week - i am so very excited as these particular visitors are rather special...
little do they know that once they are here we intend to keep them for as long as we can - be it with our entertainment, cooking, copious amounts of alcohol or by locking them in a cupboard.....

the dogs are very excited
have not told the cats or Binks the bunny - not to sure how they are going to react!!

and for all of you who think i have perfect animals that are full of love and kindness as pictured above (Archie looking particularly beautiful x)
then take a look at the picture below.....

Sibling rivalry.......

and a devil dog!!!!

i took this picture of talulla in the forest - it was not as dark as it shows
the HUGE stick she is carrying was her prize possession - how she managed to cart it around for so long i do not know
but i have the bruise on the back of my leg, as she sped past me with it as proof!

i will be back soon with news of another item i think i am about to strike off my list - mission two almost completed.......

t x


Anita said...

The picture of your dog is fabulous... What type of dog is she?
I miss my piano... it had to be put in storage, but I hope to have our house done soon so I can get it back, and tuned, and play again!

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I bet it's a certain Barrister who is bringing his dogs to stay.
I love the pic of should turn it into a card.
I hope the cats don't tinkle on your ivories !!!!!!!!
Well done with your piano learning.
Kat xxx

Kitty said...

Awww, that picture of the cats is my favourite - they might be cuddling? x

Angel Jem said...

Don't ya love dogs eyes that shine in the night? Spooky!

Barbara said...

Oh, very well done with the tunes already!
I think I feel inspiration creeping up!

mollycupcakes said...

Well done with the piano playing honey.
You be composing you're own stuff very soon.
Love the photos of the cats, reminds me of Ronnie and Megan fighting.
bella boo looks so very much like he did. That makes me smile thanks sweetie x
Speak soon.
Catherine x

driftwood said...

the cats just like mine, either loving each other, or tearing tufts of each others fur out.
keep at it with the piano!!! xx

StichingSurgeon said...

Good luck with your piano! it is a great talent to know...especially at cocktail parties where a piano is present. one tip...always know one really great song by will be a star! love your kitty photos!

Poppy Black said...

Yay! You are away and playing. Awesome work. Great idea to get a tutor. My cello teacher is now a great friend of mine, and I am sad that it is the holidays because I miss our weekly sessions. Try not to get an evil old hag who whacks your fingers with a ruler. I'm sure they are only urban legends, but you never know! Your animals are gorgeous- even the spooky mini-wolf in the dark. Best wishes XXX Ps. Have fun!

julie said...

glad the pianoing is going well - it must be a wonderful thing to play a recognisable tune and feel that you're making progress. Good luck with the website and have fun with your visitors.

Ragged Roses said...

Glad you're getting along with the piano. We've just given our cats the baskets that we used as goodies hampers for our daughters at Christmas. They sit side by side under the radiator but the cats hate each other so much at the moment that only one cat seems to be allowed in a basket at a time, unlike yours!

Andrea said...

Well done for picking the piano playing up so quickly!! Your pets do look soooo contented and happy, sorry to hear about your web site, I hate it if I get a problem with mine as you feel like your right arm has been cut off don't you?!!
Andrea x

Jane said...

I have children who "cuddle" like that . . .perhaps they'll grow out of it,

Pipany said...

Hello Tracy and well done for the piano progress. Desperate to see what you have been making - piccies please! xx

Kathy said...

Love the picture of your dog, its made me chuckle. Thank you!!

Primrose Hill said...

Love the animal photos, all very cute! Glad to hear the piano learning is coming on, I'll be expecting a demonstration when we come up ;)
L x

Annie's Abode said...

Good for you as regards the piano -I always admired those who can play an instrument. I cannot play a note on anything although I did play the recorder at school (I wrote the notes in heavily by pencil and then rubbed them out so I could still see them as I couldn't read the actual musical notes) Gave up pretty soon after. I do quite fancy playing the drums though - shouldn't be too hard should it?

The cat piccies are a delight


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you making progress with the piano... I hope one of my children take it up as I love to hear it played. Your animal pictures made me laugh, who does have perfect pets anyway??!! Have a great weekend x

buttercup & roses said...

Ahh your kitties are so cute! even when there not getting on...
I remember when my dog Barney use to do the 'run in to your leg with a large stick' trick, these dogs are very talented you know!lol!

Keep up the good work with the piano.

Jennifer x

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

love the pic's of your pets. so sweeet =) sounds like you're making progress with the piano - good for you!!! enjoy your visitors... debbie

alison said...

I don't really believe in regrets but if I did then I'd have only one:
I regret giving up the piano at the age of 12.
I really wasn't interested in it at that age. I'd had lessons since I was 6 and I often think about how great it would have been to have continued with it.
One day, when we buy our house where the neighbours are a couple of kilometres away, I'll buy a paino and I will practice every day.
Good luck with your playing. The piano is a real stunner!