Sunday, 13 January 2008


our new pup xxxxxxxxx

we went to visit the breeder yesterday and met the most amazing and beautiful batch of puppers you could possibly imagine. They are only 7 weeks old so have another two weeks before they can go to their new homes - five bundles of pooing, weeing, licking, biting pups x

we were greeted by both the pups mum and dad at the gate and shown with much pride in to the puppies pen (kitchen in front of lovely wood burner - GREAT breeder!)
the girl already had a home, and one boy had been chosen - that left three.......
i have never had to make such a hard decision in my life - three sweet pups all jumping up shouting pick me, pick me......
it almost broke my heart
i was able to narrow it down to two on the basis of coat colour and one pup just looked me in the eye and looked unimpressed when i picked him up
the other two tried to eat me alive!!!

so two puppers
which one?
when we first arrived i was handed a pup who was delicious - cuddly, wiggly, licky and very handsome
Stephen was handed another - equally as cute

after an hour these were the two chaps to choose from
but which one??????
my heart was stolen by the first pup but i preferred the shape of the second pups head -

ack - what a choice to have to make
but make it we did
decision made

it was to be the first pup i held - despite his wider head!!!!

a blue collar was placed around his neck and he was chosen!!!!

i kid you not - even as the other chap was placed back in the pen i was not totally sure if the right decision had been made - could we have two????
(very) sharp no from Stephen
and it was not helped by the fact that the rejected one proceeded to pounce at the chosen one in a desperate bid to remove the collar - a definite case of it should have been me!

but, a coffee and a cuddle later and we were bonded - our new boy x

he met talulla and bean - his new big sisters
talulla refused to look at him, or me
bean just frothed at the mouth, she does this when she is anxious - she hates going to new places as she feels that we are going to leave her there forever :(
the frothing did not look good, a lady selling her pups does not want to be greeted by a rabid looking dog with a crazy Ninja look in her eye.......
but still the boy was ours!

and here he is

can you guess what he is yet?????

not sure about his new collar

please note rejected pup looking on with disgust
other pups had by this time given up
they are not choosing us, so we do not need to perform!

they look like Labradors - but are a bit to big at seven weeks......
not a whippet
definitely not a Daschund....

meet Maggie
mummy to the pups x

and Ghillie
proud, proud daddy x

yep - we have got ourselves a Deerhound
he will not stay small for very long........

t x


Kristy said...

He will be a big boy! xxx

Pipany said...

Aah he's gorgeous Tracey; can't wait to watch his progress xx

French Knots said...

What a sweetie! He's going to grow and grow into a gorgeous dog....I hope you're building a BIG house!

Tracy's Mum said...

Ooooh he is sooo yummy,i can't wait to meet him. A loverly addition to your growing family.
Wait until i tell aunty karen she will be so envious!
love Mummyxxxxxxx

mollycupcakes said...

Oh my god he's just a cutie and what a proud mum and dad. They do get big don't they! I hope our new house is going to be large enough lol or you'll have to build him a home of his own, a small extention on the side hehe!
I can't wait to see the photos of him coming home with you all. He's going to love the cats. I wonder what they'll think of him?
Catherine x

Kitty said...

Awww, what a handsome chap - so cute. x

the timms family said...


u r sooo lucky my dearest cuz.
i am truley envious of you.
i cant wait to see you and your new addtion to your family = ].
what a handsome chap he will grow up to be, just like my baby boy troy.
cant wait to see you lots of hugs love and kisses xxxx <3

Andrea said...

Oh My Goodness, what a boy!!! He is adorable...cant wait to see more pics, no work is going to get done in your household when he comes home that's for sure!!! x

Curlew Country said...

Oh my word, how gorgeous1 As a medieval historian by training I whole heartedly appove. Last year we held a huge event celebrating 800 years since our town got it's market charter and the fab council caretaker came along in costume with his two very handsome deerhounds. He's a bit of an expert on the breed history and it was fascinating stuff. I know a good costume maker if you really want to go the whole 12th century hog!!

Ragged Roses said...

Oh he is gorgeous! He couldn't wish for kinder owners either.

Anonymous said...

He looks adorable, but how will he be with the cats?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness as the past owner of a pair of wolfhound sisters, now sadly deseased, I'm feeling a little green with envy here. Our girls were enormoud when stnading up but took up no more room than our other dogs when they were all curled up fast asleep. One of the cats used to sleep on their heads.

Monkee Maker said...

What a cute new addition to the household. Hope you'll have lots of fun with the newbie


Vintage to Victorian said...

Isn't it amazing what they grow into. You're going to have such fun this year - and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, a Deerhound! How wonderful! I am a bit jealous. he is so lovely, cant wait to see more pics.

Poppy Black said...

Oh my gosh! What a lucky boy, and two very lucky new parents. It must have been heartbreaking making the decision. I had no idea what he was! You are going to find it fascinating watching him grow. I'm looking foward to hearing all about him.

blueberry hill said...

Oh my word - how cute is he?!!!
Can't wait to see more pics.

Annie x

Exmoorjane said...

Hi, another purplecooer here, dropping by to say Hello! And Oh My God, what a stunning puppy. I have deerhound envy. he is GORGEOUS!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

What a gorgeous bundle of mischief he is...and what a BIG boy he will become!!
Now how are the moggies feeling about your new member of the family??
Pickles would leave home if we brought back another beast...but I have been sorely tempted many times..

Thank you for your message..

Jane said...

Oh Tracey I would love, love, love a deerhound - we met a wolfhound/deerhound/lurcher mix called Clancey on a train to Oxenholme once and she sat with her head in my lap all theway there until his owner (who travelled without train ticket) whistled softly and jumped from the train.
I won't get one though as I know that I wouldn't get round to proper training and I would be in trouble when it took to eating local lambs. Instead I shall admire your gorgeoug new pup - you lucky, lucky girl.

julie said...

Ahhh, what a lovely boy you've got there! Lucky him to be going to such a happy home with two lovely big sisters. He'll certainly keep you fit Tracy - good job you've got those fabulous walks on your doorstep!

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh fantastic,congratulations on your new arrival,he will be gorgeous and so lucky to be given a home by you two animal lovers,hope he gets on with his new family
Kat xxxxxx

Libbys Blog said...

They start off so small, beautiful animals though. Did you want a deerhound or was that all that was around?

dottycookie said...

Oh he's gorgeous! Bet he'll thrive with you and the girls.

Dragonfly said...

I nearly got it! I thought he was a wolfhound - he's just gorgeous. I love him, lucky you! I just love the way they look at you, such expressive faces.

Hilda May said...

oh Tracey what a handsome chap he is....lucky you!....and lucky him!...
Rachel x

weebug said...

ahhh, i have yearned for one of that breed all my life. he is so adorable and lucky to have you two as parents!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous just gorgeous. Lucky lucky you!

GenerallyGemma said...

Oh my! He is going to be GIGANTIC!! Can't wait to see the pics of the new addition growing up.

trashalou said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival in your lives of your beautiful bouncy brand new boy!

Nothing in the world beats sweet puppy breath. *sigh*

CAMILLA said...

Hello again Cupcakes, ooh, love dogs, and your puppy is gorgeous, I love the Deerhounds.Look forward to catching up with Pups progress.xx

Clang Clang said...

Whoa - he is just a bit fab ain't he x

Liz said...

How exciting! He's a doll. I really wanted another dog for so long, but Mabel just won’t stand for it. Only child syndrome and all that.

Miles Away In France said...

Oh he is adorable, I am looking forward to lots of photos of him.

Racheal x

Katie twinkles said...

cutie cutie cute x

Deb said...

Congratulations!! He is absolutely gorgeous!

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Tracy i have been a very regular reader of your blogs but i must admit that for some reason im not much of a commenter!
However i have awarded you the "You make my day award" as i really do look forward to reading your posts and check your page almost every day!
Ive mentioned you on my most recent blog so you may get a few new people coming your way.
Take care, and keep doing everything you do as i think your just great!

Lindsay xx