Tuesday, 4 December 2007

today i am........

missing my mum

feeling a little daunted by how much has to be done before Christmas

hating that my house is in chaos

drinking huge amounts of Darjeeling tea and eating lots of lemon puff biscuits

loving my new wellies (binks the rabbit destroyed my last pair)

looking forward to sitting down this evening and making a few more of these smiley chaps

hang on in there girls - it will soon be Christmas and we will all wonder what the mad rush was for......

t x


Kitty said...

I love the new look! I'm sure you'll be ready for everything at Christmas. Take care :-) x

acrossthepond said...

Pets and wellies! I bought a lovely pair of bright orange wellies with the little handles on the side. A few days later I noticed one of the handles missing and then both were gone. One of our cats had eaten them!!!Rascals!

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh Hun,
You always keep things in prospective tho' don't you.Your wonderful animals are never neglected and your friends are always in your thoughts.
I miss my dad so much at this time of year,I have just started writing my cards out and someone slips off the list every year :-(.
Snuggle up with the girls and S tonight and keep your sights on your new house and all the good things that are going to happen for you.
Hugs Kat x

Primrose Hill said...

I know how you feel, sending you a big hug.x

L xx

Katie twinkles said...

sounds like you need some zzzzz

Put on some warm PJs, put your wellies under the pillow and sort the rest out tomorrow x

Jane said...

Yes i know how you feel, its this time of year i miss my Gran (we were very close) hope you have a good chilled out evening Jane x

jules said...

loving the wellies, keep your chin up I'm sure everything will fall into place, christmas will come and go and we will wonder what was all the fuss about. Chaos, now I can relate to that I am trying not to get excited but The downstairs of the barn is nearly ready and I have even been allowed to unpack a few things after nearly 3 years. I will post a few pics over on theoldcafe.com at the end of the week.

speak soon

love jules xx

GenerallyGemma said...

I know how you feel. We lost my Dad five years ago this November and somehow Christmas has always been rather tinged with saddness ever since. Big hugs (((())))

mollycupcakes said...

Chin up honey, you're see your Mum soon. And have a wonderful Christmas.
I miss mine but try not to think about it, she lives in Northern Ireland and it's a bit of a mammoth trek to get there with the 2 little ones. And Dasiy's at the "No"! I won't sit down stage, so the plane flight would be fun lol Next year we will get there, hell or high water hehe!
Thank goodness for webcams and computers.

The little snowmen look very cute.

Catherine x

Ragged Roses said...

Love the wellies and the snowman! I know how you feel, it's a bittersweet time of the year isn't it, thinking of those that aren't around to share it with. Thinking of you, take care
Kim x

Tracy's Mum said...

Missing you to my Darling,it hurts that i can't be with you all for Christmas. Ilove you very much and whatever happen's,after Christmas i will be making my way up to you!!
I need a tissue nowxx
Your loving Mummyxx
P.S love the welliesx

Nonnie said...

Oh I feel all teary reading the comment from your Mum. I know how you feel. I miss mine and she's only an hour and a half away and I get to see her every few weeks. It must be difficult being so far away from yours. Give the lovely doggies a cuddle and have another lemon puff. x

Pipany said...

Hello there. Just saw your comment on my blog and am sooo excited - I LOVE your stuff! Been a fan for a while so looking forward to reading more. Off for a cuppa and a read through xx