Sunday, 2 December 2007

hello December - its good to see you

despite having that feeling of panic that i will never get anything finished, i have welcomed December with a huge smile on my face.
the first two days of December have been crisp and sunny here at the tip of Scotland, perfect for dog walking, visiting a flock of new sheep that we will hopefully be purchasing next year and thinking of decorating the stone cottage.

at the moment the cottage is full to the brim of my sewing and knitting projects and my badly organised packing station - the cats are getting used to walking around the house with parcel tape attached to their tails, collecting dust..........
perfect way to save time on the housework
when needs must....

the bah humbug that i live with has refused to collect the Christmas tree this weekend - he must have caught hold of the fact that i have plans for two trees when there is in fact no room for even one
the thing is i would love to have a tree in the sun room ( which is the entrance to our house ) with just white lights on - i did this for the shop each year and it looks spectacular at night.
so of course i will need a tree in the sitting room for all my decorations to go on - the trouble is in order to fit in the tree we will have to remove some furniture and then where will the furniture go?

perhaps the Christmas pixies will sort it out......

on the top of talullas Christmas preparations is the choosing of the Christmas stocking

unsurprisingly she has gone for the one in the middle
bean has never spent a Christmas with us so talulla has told her you only get a stocking full of presents on the second Christmas that you are here.......

wise old talulla

there has been very little happening here this week apart from completing orders and packing parcels to send, so my mind has turned a little mushy

perhaps that is why i was so excited when Stephen came home with these matches

for matches!

the rest of today will be spent browsing Etsy for family gifts, walking the hounds, visiting my sheepy girls and hopefully remembering to take close-ups so we can decide on names, and attending a Christmas fair
it is being held in the village hall near to our plot of land
the place we will be building on really soon (i hope!)

not too sure how it will be considering the numbers that live in the area, but i am told that all attend
so anyone that may be passing on their way to John 0 groats today...........
you cannot miss the hall - it is the only building to be seen that is not a house!

see you all next week

t x


Kitty said...

Lovely pixies, matches, trees and Santa. I'm sure you 'do' the most tasteful Christmas ever.

Take care :-) x

Ragged Roses said...

Love your decorations. This Christmas must be so exciting for you in your new home in Scotland. Let me know if you get away with the two trees, I might have to try that one!
Kim x
Love those matches too!

Deb said...

Lovely post - I absolutely LOVE the three little pixies! So cute.

weebug said...

oh, i love your pixies!

mollycupcakes said...

I'm sure the pixies will sprinkle some pixie magic and make the two trees fit. Look forward to seeing the photos.
Love the stockings and clever girl Talulla for chosing the biggest stocking. Poor old Bean I'm sure she'll share hehe!
Good luck at the fair honey.
Keep warm.
Christmas hugs.
Catherine x

jules said...

I think a tree in the sun room is a must and it will remind you of previous years in the shop, I'm sure the pixies will work their magic and the place will look great. I have been watching your new website and look forward to further updates(as if you haven't got enought to do) still planning to come up in the spring and hope we can grab a coffee somewhere warm.

take care

jules xx

blueberry hill said...

Nice catching up with your posts this morning. I had a read of your friend's blog too, so sad but such a wonderful blog.
Loved your pics as always - the matches remind me of visiting my Gran in a tenement in Glasgow. She always had those by the fire.
Such cute pixies - are you going to be selling any in your shop?

Annie x

Patti said...

Why do bluebell matches remind me of my childhood? Surely I should not have been playing with matches as a young child? I think I remember granny lighting her cigarettes (oh healthy times!)

Those pixies will do it all for you I'm sure.

dottycookie said...

Oh, those pixies are fab! Love them!

Barbara said...

Your pixies are fab. Do you make them yourself?

I remember when we first moved up here and found those matches. I hardly wanted to throw the box away!

As well as our big tree we usually have a few little 2ft trees dotted about which you can drape plenty of white lights on. Needs must.

Janice said...

I love the pixies and the new look of your blog!

Liz said...

I love your little pixies! Your decor looks so wonderful, perfect for your little stone cottage. Did I mention I live in a ranch house in the suburbs? Sigh.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Darling pixies!

We always have to rearrange furniture (and remove our favorite rocker) in the living room to fit our tree each year. It's only temporary I keep reminding myself!

My parcel arrived and everything is just lovely! Thank you!

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