Wednesday, 12 December 2007


yesterday my wonderful boyfriend announced enough is enough
no more packing of parcels
no more whinging about packing of parcels
no more wide eyed panic attacks about lack of gifts for family and friends
no more stepping over ginormous dust balls

we are going out for the day

the actual truth was would i like to hop in the ranger and go on a site visit with him.

of course we said yes siree

i actually enjoy these trips out as it involves visiting people who are at the start of a dream
Stephen visits their site where they have plans to build a house
i love looking at their faces knowing that so many ideas and plans are whizzing round their heads x

the journey took us through open countryside and tiny villages
it felt like Christmas
all the way there we watched huge birds of prey looking for lunch, watched out for deer on the roads and gasped at the sight of the snow-capped hills

but the highlight was the journey home in the dark
winding around roads with no street lights and suddenly seeing a croft house nestled in the hills all lit up with Christmas lights!
bright blues, whites and reds shining out in the middle of nowhere - high up on the hillside

my life here is so different from the life i had in Kent
so much wildlife at every turn, wide open skies, beautiful crofts with smoke billowing out of chimney's with livestock in the fields.

i am truly content
rather like Bella in the pictures above x

t x


Monkee Maker said...

Sounds like bliss .... I'm glad you're enjoying it so :)

ps. Are we going to see this house-build of yours on Grand Designs?

Kitty said...

Bella looks as though she was purring to her heart's content whilst you took those photos. I love hearing about your life up there, it sounds wonderful. :-) x

Katie twinkles said...

The thing is, it's so good to know there are places like the one you're describing and when I get to one it'll be time to get my foal...x

Deb said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely day! I loved all your pictures of beautiful Bella :-}

mollycupcakes said...

That sounded like a lovely peaceful day. And sounded like you needed it too.
I closed my eyes and could picture your beautiful house, all warm and Chrismassy.
I love the photos of Bella Boo, Ronnie would liked her wink wink! hehe.
Thanks honey they made me smile, she's gorgeous.
Catherine x

rach said...

oooooo I could squeeeeeze that cat! She's gorgeous. Nothing like a few cat photos to brighten up the day.

So glad you are enjoying your new home

rach x

Shawn said...

Sounds quite wonderful. :)

trashalou said...

They were gorgeous pics.

(Wish Philip season's greetings when you speak with him would you please?)

Pipany said...

Sounds wonderful. My partner, Dave, and I are desperate for a day with just the two of us - not that likely with seven kids!!! xx

BTW - your website is gorgeous Tracy x

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a perfect day out. Not that it's as wild as where you're living now, but the one thing I love when I visit my parents in the Cotswolds is the darkness at night and the little villages and farms nestling in the Countryside. It's especially wonderful at Christmas. I hope your day out took away a bit of the stress.

Jane said...

Well done you.
I escape tomorrow night - it is Euan's 40th on Sat so we are going away for the night!!!!!!!!!
It must be exciting to be at the beginning of so many things - so many opportunities.

Liz said...

Your descriptions are fabulous! How inspiring.

Jane said...

You day sounded wonderful and Bella looks so cute and happy Jane x

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,
I love when hubby does that to. Just takes me from the daily routine for a nice, long drive. :)
Take care.x

Clare said...

Hi Tracy, aah, that was quite lovely - as were the photos!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas in your new home - somehow I'm quite sure you will!

Clare x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh....Please can you send me some of the magic....I've had a bugger of a week !!!!!
I hope you are beginning to see your dreams become reality,I loved your pics,although I did think it was Archie !!!!!
I wish you a very Happy Christmas and I hope next year sees your dream become reality.
I know it's not always easy for you but I admire the way you never loose heart.
I wish the world had more people like you in it.
Hugs Kat x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Now this to me sounds what Christmas is all about! No commercialism, no crowds, just a home in the hills with wildlife and some celebratory lights here and there. =)

Cheryl said...

You write so beautifully and your day sounded like it could not have been more perfect. And Bella, what a beauty. Wonderful photos!