Friday, 2 November 2007

playing catch up and chasing my tail

before i tell you all why i have been absent i need to make way for a message from the whippy's.......

dear Jake

we are taking it upon ourselves to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the parcel that was sent from your house to ours x

our mum was very excited - she even became a bit emotional when trying to explain to us how sweet some folk can be x

to be honest - all those tears and stroking of parcels was just plain dull, so we took matters in to our own paws - swiped the parcel with your name on and ran......

the excitement was all too much - we ripped and pulled and wagged, all whilst she was still droning on about how she wished she had met you and your mum before we moved up north x

we thoroughly enjoyed our meaty treats and are more than a little miffed that they are now all gone

she says it is because we are greedy guts

can you tell your mum that the tablecloth was a great hit - it has already become a treasured item that no one else in the house is allowed to touch, breathe on or stand near.

and the corsage was taken out of its wrapping and a strange noise came out of our mums mouth - this was joined with a some weird dance moves around the sitting room

the corsage must be special as it was put on mums favourite coat immediately and worn out on our dog walk the very same day....... she says that it is perfect xxxxx

so i guess you lot have made this lot very, very happy indeed

clever Jake - we love you - you have become our pin-up dog xxx

love from

talulla and bean xx

p.s - it is getting cold here and will no doubt be heading your way - our advice is to stay in that nice warm cosy bed.

i would like to add my thanks on to that message too - Gina you are lovely, i do wish i had met you before leaving - if you ever fancy a holiday in the very north of Scotland then stay with us!!

now....... the reason i have been gone for so long - well only a week - but that is a long time in blogland right??

reason one is the sheer extra workload that the run up to Christmas brings.

planning and ordering new stock, photographing new stock, uploading stock, packing orders, running out of brown paper at 11pm and going to the 24hr Tesco in my p.j's........

starting Christmas gifts for family and friends....

feeling sad when i have to take down the Christmas decorations after i have photographed them.... but knowing i would look mad if i left them up

making more cards than i ever dreamt one woman could do in a space of 3 days (don't ask!)

playing with the new stock and wishing my nephew was little again

but the biggest reason of all was a bad one.

talulla has had a nasty accident.

on Tuesday we popped out for a little lunchtime jaunt and bunny chasing......
the girls ran off as usual, made lots of excited squeaking noises, leapt in the air, and came back with nothing - except talulla had a small cut on her leg.
i gave it a quick check over and saw that it was a clean cut, not bleeding badly and really was much smaller than others she has had in the past.
but talulla was not weight bearing too well so i carried her back to the car all the while accusing her of being a drama queen!
back at home i salt bathed the tiny cut, gave them fish and broccoli for lunch, and tucked them in to their cosy beds.
as the afternoon progressed talulla became listless and unresponsive so i rushed her to the vets in a complete panic.
i worked at a vets and for the RSPCA for a few years and saw awful accidents, operations, emergencies, cruelty cases and coped with it all as it happened - but when it is your own animal all common sense and knowledge leaks out of your head through your ears!!!

the vet was wonderful - it turned out that talulla was leaking joint fluid which is bad.....
she was immediately anaesthetised, the wound was flushed and her leg was bandaged.
she came home a few hours later with LOTS of antibiotics to hopefully fight off any infection - because as the vet told me as i fell to the floor (o.k i didn't actually fall to the floor - i am just adding a touch of atmosphere and drama) if it does become infected she would have to be referred on to a specialist as it could result in very bad arthritis or she could lose her leg!!!!!

see - now you know why i should have fallen on the floor......

thankfully it is now Friday and the patient is doing well - no sign of infection , the wound looks good and she is milking it for all its worth - ie my purse is empty and her toy basket is an even bigger pile.

i have the pleasure of dragging her in to the vets every other day for a bandage change and a check-up

Stephen will not go as he does not want to be the nasty parent - cheers for that.

so, i apologise for the break and i will make it up to you all i promise.

i have decided to join this lovely lady and this larger(!) lovely lady in the post everyday for the month of November.

i cannot guarantee that each day will be worth reading - but there will always be a general load of waffle or a whippy picture - or who knows what else.

care to join me?

t x

p.s - i would also like to say - thank you - to all who visited here and made a difference -you guys are great x


lazylol said...

Great post. Lucky you with all those gifts! Glad your little doggie is ok now.
I am trying to post more too and I am looking forward to reading your posts everyday!

Ragged Roses said...

Have a great weekend. Please give Tallulah an extra big hug from me, hope she gets better soon. Lots of lovely new stock and gorgeous pressies, glad you're being spoiled
Kim x

marti said...

My two bad boys are sending lots of good dogggie thoughts to Tallulah. They tried to snatch extra doggie treats in hopes that it would make her feel better. Sigh, their doggie hearts are in the right place anyway!

Patti said...

Poor poor Tallulah. And poor you too. That was not a light weight you lugged back to the car. Looking forward to the new stock. I need christmas inspiration

Sea Angels said...

Tracy I just love your blog, (big smile) your posts are so interesting, inspiring,and fun....and it's nice to be spoiled.
Have a wonderful weekend
Lynn xx

Rowan said...

Poor Tallulah, I'm glad that she is doing well - an injured whippy NEEDS lots of new toys, it's an essential part of the healing process:)

mollycupcakes said...

Poor Talulla, we hope your leg gets better and you're off chasing those bunnies with Bean and Mummy again very soon.
The girls send you very big hugs and kisses on you're nose x x x
It's lovely that you are so busy honey.
Warm wishes.
Look forward to reading more in the week. Speak soon.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. You mentioned Tallulah's leg in your e-mail and I didn't really take it in.

I've told Hudson and he is just so upset. He sends licks. I told Ripley as well... but she just looked at me in that autistic way she has.



julie said...

Phew, what a week! Glad that Tallulah is making a good recovery - what a scare for you both! What a lovely parcel though - the corsage looks great on your gorgeous coat and I loved the post from the dogs - they should definitely do more blog writing in the future! All the best x

French Knots said...

Poor Talulla, bet she was quite a weight to carry to the car. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.
Your Christmas stock looks great, especially those cute skittles.

mummy said...

hugs from all in colchester for our loverly Tallulah,poor girl.I can imagine how scared you were,i have been dog walking with you my loverly ,very careing daughter,you scare me when you sceech.big hugs for little bean to,and of course stephen.xxxxxxx
sooooooooooo much love from mummy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miles Away In France said...

I am so glad that Tallulah is on the mend.

Suck lovely gifts in the post, lucky you.

Racheal x

Kitty said...

Oh my goodness ... poor Tallulah! Poor you! It's horrible isn't it, when an animal is poorly or worried. My cat is really upset by all the fireworks going off as I type and is huddled at my side trying to 'keep safe'.

I missed your posts whilst you were having your busy week.

Take care :-) x

Love Honor Disobey said...

Oh no...sick dog alert! Poor little tiny poorly velvet leg. I hope she will be ok...Jake sends his love and empathy because he, as well, is nursing a very sore dislocated toe which he inflicted on himself when trying to climb a tree! Why are dogs so spazzy crazy and break things and tear things and injure themselves...don't they know we worry?

I'm glad you liked your thingys. Words can not express how honoured I feel to have one of my rudimentary creations so prominently placed on that amazing green coat of yours. it's such a great photo...with dog and woods in the background. You are a gem.

I think of you often. Hugs x