Monday, 1 October 2007

is Scotland meant to be this sunny?


we are having the most wonderful weather here in Scotland at the moment
the last three days have been sunny with not a drop of rain
and today is just as nice, so the washing is out, the lawn is cut and the girls are sunbathing.

i never thought we would see weather like this on the first day of October this far North!!

this weekend saw us taking walks on the beach, seal spotting, buying new fabric, digging yet more holes on our patch of land and drinking lots of tea with our nearest friends and neighbours x


this is a photograph of talulla in the back of the landy all packed up and ready to go - bean is flat on the floor as she hates going out in the landy due to its loud noise and the bumpy ride!
talulla is like me - nosey - so she enjoys being higher up and seeing over the walls and hedges.

but back to this week.........
i intend to get the old sewing machine out
get the knitting needles going
and enjoy this sunshine

how cute is my new brooch????
a kitty sweater pin that arrived with the cute one without a name
all the way from America
from here

and as promised a peek at the goodies that will be boxed up and sent to the winner of my giveaway

i will leave this open until the end of the week so will no doubt add more treats to the pile as the week goes on

but so far it includes.....

lavender filled heart, lovely french soap, pretty cards, pack of eight Christmas cards, Christmas decorations.

if you are new to this slightly strange blog

the giveaway is in relation to this lovely

looking slightly startled at her first meeting with Binks!
Binks took one look and turned his back
if it ain't food he is not interested.

hope you are having a good start to the week too
although i kind of hope that it is raining in Kent - mwah ha ha

see you soon

t x

p.s - leave your name suggestions on either my last post or this one, I'm not fussy, but make it a good one as i have a firm favourite at the moment but there is always time to change my mind.
i am fickle x


Liz said...

I am in West Sussex and let me put your mind at is absolutely pouring here!

Leanne said...

and in Somerset. we have a torrential downpour and grey skies. at only lunchtime, I am thinking of lighting the woodburner! and daydreamimg of hot soup!

I love your kitty brooch :-)

leanne x

the vicious chicken said...

Yep, throwing in down in Bristol, too - so just stop with the showing off about sunshine, would you, please? Although I'm glad someone's having a good day of weather, I suppose :o)

mollycupcakes said...

Yes it's pouring down here in Kent hehe your thinking.
Can you send some of your lovely sun in with that parcel, then it's won?
Yuk! rain and grey skies, not very inspiring for painting Christmas stock. I'd like some sun or snow. But no rain.
Look forward to seeing the winner and love the kitty brooch.
Wet hugs from us :(
Catherine and the girls x

Jane said...

Isn't it fabulous?????
But I do have to remind you (as you hadn't moved up then) that we had NO summer at all.
I am planting out bulbs and clearing weeds, the grunt, snort, grunt of the pig waiting for me to chuck buckets of weeds into his pen.

mummy said...

its raining in colchester,wish i was with you the girls and stephen.
love the broooch and all the other goodies .


Love Honor Disobey said...'s raining here in London too.

That is such a cute picture of T in the back of the Rover!

Name for the bunny thingy: How bout Sputnik? He looks kinda 'spaced' out...heehee

Hey...did you get my email? I need to your address so I can mail you something. email me at


Dionne said...

Hello my sister.
Its the blond one! Thankyou so much for your wanderfull words they made me cry cos i havent seen you in so long and i miss you loads!
Im so sorry to hear about your friend, i just want to come and give you a big hug to make you feel better.
So how are things in sunny scotland? I hope you stephen and the animals are settling in well in your buitifull new home (you lucky things!) Nothing much going on with me at the mo, im currently looking for work, problem is, ive got so used to being my own boss, i dont really want to go back to a job were im going to be told what to do!! How is the online shop going? Your blog looks great! Im hoping to come and see you after Christmas cos mum said she will pay for my train ticket for my prezzie hara! Love you loads and hope to see you soon!
Dionne xxxxx

Elizabeth said...

Yup, pouring down in Essex too - but we did have a nice bit of sunshine yesterday.

Suzie Sews said...

I would have to call your new bunny...Bunnychoo. I think Binks is a little jelous of those ears!!!
Suzie Sews

the flour loft said...

Raining in Hampshire too

Katie twinkles said...

I think he should be called 'Hextable'. Don't ask me why? I don't even know.

It's raining really really hard. Please call him Hextable and then I wouldn't be so sad about the rain as I'd have your present.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

And it's pouring here too! Love that first photo of T peeking through the window!xx

julia said...

Scotland is the most beautiful place to be, especially when the sun shines. My other half is Scottish so we get to visit pretty often and the people are just great.

We also used to own an old landrover called "Larry" before it was stolen to use in a ram raid! Those pictures make me quite nostalgic for him!

Julia x

Anonymous said...

what about "roy"? hehehe!....

Nin said...

pouring down in the home counties too...

now what's this thing that I need to do for the giveaway? I think I'm being blind, but it is late...

Kitty said...

I have a friend in Scotland who told me how glorious the weather is/was up there. I got absolutely soaked yesterday (Oxfordshire) but so far today it's dry. x

jules said...

Its been really warm here in sunny Burgundy we had a work day on sunday helping out another nad english couple that are renovating as well. Today though the heavens have opened and rain has definitely stopped play.

jules xx

Ragged Roses said...

It's raining in East Sussex if that makes you feel even better! Seal spotting, sunshine and walking on beaches, sounds wonderful Tracy!
Kim x

Rubyred said...

Lovin the Kitty brooch!We've been to Scotland twice in October and the weather has been gorgeous,you lucky thing!
rachel in rainy Oxfordshire.

driftwood said...

glad you are enjoying some sunshine, we had some yesterday, but its grey today. Love the bunnie's whiskers, maybe "whiskers" would be a nice name for him.

Barbara said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. We're in South West Scotland and though the summer wasn't great we have often found the early Autumn to be gorgeous. The past weekend was lovely. Monday was like a summers day. Tuesday wasn't bad either, sunny, warm and clothes drying on the line, children in the garden. It is pouring with rain today - but it's the first time in a couple of weeks and it does give an excuse to cosy up with stitching!

Anonymous said...

I Love the fact you are in the land of the scots, I am stuck in Texas! What about "Blinks" for the bunny?Wendy

dottycookie said...

LOVE that scarf!

Cottage Contessa said...

That photo of Tululla in the back of the Landy just really cracks me up! She's so cute. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Amanda(aka Cottage Contessa)

Cottage by the River said...

Your dogs are beautiful. We had four whippets through my childhood. They were such wonderful dogs. I keep urging my Mom to get another one. I just started blogging, and enjoyed reading yours. Have a great week


Anonymous said...

how about Betsy Bunny?

I've been reading your blog for a while now and love it, hope you feel better soon xx

Miles Away In France said...

I think you should call her Harriet. I don't know why I chose that name, it just popped into my head.
Glad you are settling well in scotland.
Racheal x

Hummingbird Chats said...

Beautiful pictures..I hope to get back to Scotland for a visit someday the picture of your dog..I have a crazy black lab who thinks he is a lap dog..Kate

Kali said...

What a beautiful part of the world you are lucky enough to live in ~ I'm enjoying your photos.

Kali in Tasmania (Australia)