Friday, 8 June 2007

where the heck did day five go??????

it's 7.20 pm
yes PM
what happened to day five
i woke, had coffee, tidied the house, fed walked and hugged the animals
went to the shop

and now it's supper time

so what i am trying to say is i have nothing to say and nothing to show you today

except a few new pin cushions which have made there arrival over at my website

and this amazing picture of the girls
the little foot is Bean's and the bigger Talullas x
asleep in perfect harmony

so for today i bid you farewell
and we will just have to say that day five was the let down of the week

sorry guys
i'll be better on day 6
see you there

T x


Deb said...

Catching up on your posts ... lovely photos - especially the 2 little paws touching of Bean & Talulla :-} So sweet.

blueberry hill said...

Cute paws!

I had the same sort of day - didn't achieve much at all. Think it must be a pre-moving-house condition???!

dottie angel said...

two things here...firstly since when have you had the online store up and this a new thing or am i just so completely slow to catch on...and secondly, i showed my four hungry children you doggie pictures from yesterday, to their great amusement and now i have another for today...they really do cheer up a day!

keep plodding on wards :)

Tracy said...

my sweet dottie - the shop has been up and running since i arrived here in the land of blog - i just try not to mention it too often!
glad my girls are making your children smile x
Tracy x

Yummers! said...

I smile everytime I think of Bean's "bendy nose". What a riot that is!!! I'll have to "bookmark" your blog and follow your adventures... with the dog with the bendy nose. he, he, he
My blog is at

Ragged Roses said...

Hey Friday is the end of the week, you can afford to write that one off. Pin cushions are lovely though so you have been productive!!!! Enjoy the weekend.
Kim x