Saturday, 9 June 2007

day six - almost done

for those of you that are still here reading my rambles - i thank you
i realise it has been a long week for you all with quite frankly not a lot of excitement here at Cupcakes
the fact of the matter is i do not lead a particularly exciting life

apart from my home, animals and shop life - not a lot else happens around here
we live in a busy village that is growing at what feels like a rapid rate - i look out of my little shop window and see "hoodies" where i used to just see the WI members......
life is certainly moving at quite a pace

on our dog walk today, Stephen and i spoke about our forthcoming move and both agreed that the timing is spot-on
the place we are moving to is not even a village - our small patch of land overlooks the sea and nothing else, our nearest neighbours are a whole heap of fun and kindness, and above all else i am having a studio......

hey that has woken you all up

just when you had all settled in to yet another one of my long winded, slightly boring (you can say it) posts i go throw in THE word


now - for those that are not aware we are about to embark on journey of a lifetime as listed below:

Eco house
animals, animals, animals

and i have been very excited, scared and overwhelmed at how lucky we are to have this opportunity
but nothing could have prepared me for the excitement when Stephen said - hey Bob the builder (yes his real name IS bob) says we can afford an outbuilding on our limited budget

my ears pricked up, my eyes narrowed and in a flash i had scribbled down a diagram of my future workspace x

i am hoping to have double doors opening up onto the sea view for those days in Scotland that are sunny and warm, and for the Winter months i am going to have a tiny wood burner to keep me warm.....


suddenly leaving this house seems a little easier......

i now look at this painting that has been hanging in our bathroom for years and think i will actually live near the sea

so this weekend i have spent some time reading up on a few things

Derek Jarman - as recommended by quite a few folk
how to keep ducks - i plan on having a few
quilt - a skill i would love to master

as for tomorrow - day seven - i plan on putting on a pretty skirt, packing a picnic and and taking off in my green ford anglia
books and crochet in tow

Archie cat agrees that day seven sound like a good one

hope your day six has been a good one
see you for our final day of the week when i attempted to add some order to my life......
and failed!

T x


English Vintage said...

Hi your comments made me laugh thank you, i have you in my bookmarks you have been there for ages, don't you know! i think your little cottage is delightful, but you are off to pastures new how exciting, me too, speak again soon stephne x

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm having great fun reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your days with us.
Have a great, relaxing day seven. :)

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Tracy,

Your life is far from unexciting to the rest of us.... and I guess the majority of us lead fairly quiet lives, getting on with it (we just think everyone else is doing exciting stuff but the reality is quite different in my experience!)

I love reading about what you've been up to, can't wait to hear about your new life. And what a lucky girl to have a studio, it sounds blissful.
Have a lovely picnic.

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Tracy, I so look forward to your posts, your life is so full of fun. I dont think you realise how much you make me smile :)
And just reading all your dreams of your new life in Scotland, make all my dreams seem not so far away and I hope to make mine come true some day soon.
I'd love a little shop and lots of my pretty things in it. If you work hard enough like you have nothing is impossible. I take my hat off to you and wish you all the very best with your lovely new house, studio and animals.
x Catherine x

Jane said...

Well it has been a fabulous, hot, hot, hot sunny day here in Central Scotland - and I think further North too so you would have been able to fling open those double doors.


Have a happy day 7

julie said...

Archie is definitely right - day seven sounds a goodie - hope the weather stays good for your perfect picnic. It sounds like you've got a great plan for the studio and I can just picture you sewing by your open double doors and gazing out at the absolute beauty of the sea - wow!!!! What an adventure you're going to have!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy,
Snap with the STUDIO, isn't it a great word! You can't beat having your own little space to be creative in, especially when it's not in the house! Fingers crossed we'll both get ours up and running this year!
Your day 7 sounds like bliss, enjoy!
L xx

Thimbleanna said...

What a lucky, lucky girl -- to have a studio overlooking the sea in SCOTLAND! Heaven! So very excited for you!

cherry menlove said...

You will have such a wonderful time at your new place. And the studio sounds amazing. Bless you Tracy and may all the energy in the world be yours as you prep for the big day.

Cherry xx

Gigibird said...

Maybe the attraction of your blog is the life you lead - quiet; you mustn't think we're all looking for fast paced glamour!
A work space over loooking the sea with a woodburner - that's girl porn!

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
you have not failed at's just pure honest life. Love reading your posts and your new journey sounds idyllic.. studio overlooking the sea.. now that is bliss! Enjoy your Sunday in this glorious weather... wish i could join you.

Ragged Roses said...

Life in Scotland sounds like its going to be idyllic!!!! A STUDIO (can I come)? Day 7 is gonna be good - love those skirts.
Kim xxx

julia said...

A studio, A STUDIO did I hear you say?????????

You lucky, lucky woman!! I have to make do with the kitchen table surrounded by dry bits of toast, playdoh and lego - oooooh I'm so envious.

You'll love Scotland, my partner Ian is Scottish and he's a dream (most of the time). It's a beautiful place, the people are great, what more could you want?

Julia x

Rose Vintage said...

I have friends who live in the same village and they feel just the same about how much it has changed, such a shame. I love the skirts, did you make them yourself? A studio too? Lucky you!

Samantha said...

Hi Tracy,
I have a studio and I love it on so much - a little room all of m,y own for me and my fabric. Bliss!

Let's hope you get yours soon