Thursday, 3 May 2007


To keep spirits high you understand............


Love this trug and soft toy making book from the wonderful Louise over at Louise Loves

Louise has a fantastic range of Vintage items but take note - you have to be quick!

Look at the great diagrams!!
Expect to see a few new critters on the blog!

Also on the treat list today -
My favourite tea and my favourite sweets.

And here is a treat for everyone.
If you get a chance to visit Brighton Open House Weekends
Then do!!

I looked through the lists this afternoon and there is so much to see - it will take more than one visit!
And the biggest bonus is the fact that some houses are serving tea and cakes in the garden - my idea of weekend heaven

Arts and Crafts
Tea and

I have a small selection of work at 18 Pelham Square - not too far from the station.

And this is Talullas treat today - a neck nibble courtesy of Bean

True Whippet love xx

Sending sunny thoughts to you all

T x


Samantha said...

Snap. I have that book too!

That Bean is such a generous girl!

carolyn said...

Treats are definetly the order of the day, love yours and SO very pleased to hear that Binks & Bean are on the mend. Have a lovely weekend with all those cakes and cups of tea.

Primrose Hill said...

I LOVE flying saucers too, haven't had them in ages, might just have to go and treat myself to some today!
Enjoy your weekend of craft, tea and cakes!
L x

julia said...

That jar of treats looks too good to be missed!
Regarding the Brighton open house weekend, we have something similar near here in Stroud. I've never been but have booked a "child-free" day and will be going this year - can't wait!


Ragged Roses said...

My daughter adores flying saucers but ends up completely bonkers after eating them - we've just got used to the hysterics! Bean looks happy! Will try and get over to Pelham Square - I'm looking forward to having some time off from doing the Open Houses this year so I've got some time to visit them! Good luck with it all - do you know when you'll be visting?
Kim x

Jane said...

One of my fellow PTA committee members is into flying saucers in a big way and surreptitiously eats them out of the treat bags at school discos.
This suits me as my daughters also go hyper after eating them.

charlotte@hopeandfaith said...

Flying saucers! Yummy! Although I do find the tend to stick to the roof of my mouth ~ must be the way I eat them! I've started an etsy shop! Its so much fun!

Victoria May Plum said...

Flying saucers, delicious! Save me some.
Have a great weekend.
Victoria x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Ahhh! I see those little wafer candies in your jar!!! I used to LOVE those when I was little, and haven't been able to find them since! What a gorgeous book you've found at Louise's! Lots of love to your sweet pups!

Sew Recycled! said...

Oh! I will have to try and pop over to Pelham square, If you around pop in at 202 Ditchling Road, thats where I am!! Its a bunny haven, my toy ones, a friends wire sculpture ones and some real new borns!!! OOOOOOHhhhh so sweet.

Suzie Sews said...

Those sweets look yummy, a big favourite in our house. How is your bunny doing, sorry I am a bunny fan, I have a french lop and when I see bunnies on blogs I make Arhhhhh sounds!!!
Suzie Sews

Helen said...

I don't think flying saucers are available here in Australia. I loved them when I was a kid back in Tunbridge Wells - and Barrett's sherbet fountains. Yummy.

Helen said...

I don't think flying saucers are available here in Australia. I loved them when I was a kid back in Tunbridge Wells - and Barrett's sherbet fountains. Yummy.