Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The Tortoise and the Hare

I know, i know - Binks is not realllllllly a Hare but he would like to be...... who wouldn't want longer legs, be able to run faster, jump higher, have enormous ears!!!
O.k - maybe not the ears!!!

But he was pleased (and slightly puzzled) to meet Trevor the tortoise x

Hi there Trevor - you are cute.

The trouble with Trevor is that he knows he is cute - with a body made from the softest felt, a shell made from Linen with Vintage decoration and Vintage buttons for eyes, he should have a badge or an award or something!

He seems happy here at Artichoke cottage but is looking for adventure (and a home with slightly saner folk)

So i will be sending him off to Brighton for this weekends open house - he is of course hoping to be introduced to that foxy little fawn!

If you are Brighton way this weekend please pop in and give Trevor a pat on the head or a tickle under his chin xx

As you can tell i am coping with the move by sewing, sewing, sewing - i am having a GREAT time.

And just take a peek at my new (but old) portable Tea for Two xxx
I am deeply in love with it and with Stephen who brought it for me as a happy house selling gift.
The case is a beautiful olive green with tiny white spots, and inside - just look at the inside!!!
Two china cups and saucers with green spots, the original tin for cakes, and a glass pot for the sugar and the milk.
I am in the process of making some sweet napkins for it and we will no doubt give it a trial run this weekend - just imagine it on the back seat of my Ford Anglia!!!!

See..... not thinking about the move at all.

Back soon with more handmade goodies and news of lovely new stock that is about to be uploaded on to my website.

Enjoy the sunshine

T x


Suzie Sews said...

Too cute
Suzie Sews

Ragged Roses said...

Trevor is gorgeous - might just have to go and say hello to him at the weekend. I'm sure he's going to be adopted very soon! So pleased you're feeling good about the move and tea in the back of the Ford Anglia sounds perfect!
Kim x

Nonnie said...

Too much loveliness today Tracy! I don't know whether to start with Trevor or the Tea Set. I really want to go to Brighton this weekend now just so I can meet Trevor. He is gorgeous and is sure to sell very quickly. I just love his little patchwork shell. But the tea set is also beautiful. I have something very similar that used to be my Grandparents but is actually in a basket rather than the case. I haven't used it nearly enough because at the moment I use it as a kind of side table in the sitting room. You've inspired me to get it out and use it.

Angel Jem said...

Dinky! Remind me, did you give your Ford Anglia a name?

Sew Recycled! said...

Trevor and Tea for Two are really lovely - Trevors little face, the eyes say it all!

Picnics seem like a wonderful idea right now, basking in the sun with a jolly good cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches. Mmmmmm

Rose Vintage said...

I have fallen in love with Trevor, too cute for words! Lovely tea for two as well....


Victoria May Plum said...

I have that little picnic case, too good for husbands and babies, just for me!!
Have a lovely weekend, and do show us the napkins tucked away safely in the case when you have finished them.
Can you fit Trevor in there too? although he may eat all the goodies inside!
Victoria x

dottie angel said...

tracy, i am trying to get you through email, but have not had any success in finding your email address...this has nothing to do with your post (although your tortoise is adorable, we have a real one called Speedy!) anyhow i wanted to talk to you about the 'aggie' buckle here's mine, drop me a line if you're interested...oh and sorry to all you lovely people and your comments for this comment!!

Alison said...

He is really cute!
Alison x

claire said...

Trevor is amazing. He looks just like he is going to amble over to a piece of lettuce in that slow tortoisey way. You have put some lettuce out for him, haven't you?

the flour loft said...

Love Trevor the Tortoise!
ginny x