Friday, 25 May 2007

Empty Nest and 7 random and frankly quite odd things about me.

I feel sad..... I had the awful job of packing up Trevor and sending him on his travels today.
I know it is slightly odd (refer to 7 odd things below and this will suddenly make sense!) but i had kinda fallen for that little guy with his slightly girlie shell.
I have enjoyed seeing him perched on my blue dresser with his wee smiley face, but now there is just an empty space.

He has of course gone off to Brighton - he will be staying the night tonight with my friend Katie - she who produces THE most wonderful ceramics (over at my website), and will be taken off on his adventure in the morning.
Now - i know Katie is a caring sweet girl who seemed pleased to meet Trevor but i cannot help but worry about the little guy....

Ah well i have to cut the apron strings at some point and as i have just placed yet another Amazon order i have to hope that some one will fall in love with that smile just like i have xx
That look of "just get me outta this crazy place" on his face does seem a bit mean though......

Here he is all ready to go.......
Bye Trev - hope you find a lovely new home so that mommy can feed her book addiction.
What's the betting that he will be back on my doorstep Monday morning !!!

Also off to Brighton are some cotton baby bibs that i am trying out. Now as many of you know i do not have any children so please tell me if i am wayyyyyyy off the mark with the bibs.
They are 100% cotton and machine washable, soft to wear and cute as cute can be on.
Any feedback from mummies out there welcome.

The first is an amazing Strawberry red .....

And the second is nothing like the picture!!!!
It is actually a soft green and not at all grey as this picture shows.

And to celebrate all thing red and green i just had to make a new tag for the bibs.
I am currently making one in a soft blue yarn which i already realise is a mistake as
there is no fruit or veg known to man that is chalky blue - unless you know otherwise????

The very nice folk over at Thirty Something Hobbies
tagged me a while ago (sorry for the delay guys x) so here goes....

7 odd and/or random things about me.

1. My best ever sandwich or roll filling is cress - plain good old cress.

2. I HATE talking to people on the telephone unless they are family or very close friends - i would much rather email or better still chat face to face.

3. As mentioned before i have a mushroom phobia, a cotton wool phobia and my latest phobia is door handles - just think of the germs for gods sake!

4. Sometimes my dress sense is a little.... what shall we say..... odd. At first i thought i was being stared at because i was so cutting edge!!!!
Hah - as it turns out (now my friends have informed me) most residents in the village regard me as the lady with the pretty shop but no dress sense!!

5. I just cannot kill anything - be it an ant, fly or wasp - i just cannot commit the act of murder. If i do by sheer accident wipe out some poor creatures life (please do not let me even start to remember the snail in the window frame) i weep and wail for far to long. Stephen regards this behaviour as
a. ridiculous
b. embarrassing ( i am not always in the comfort of my home)
c. something about me that has to change!

6. Relates to the above post - i cannot bear to see anybody else harming or killing a creature - i am just grateful that up till now i have not had my lights punched out as i stand ranting at some poor soul who has dared to decide a creatures life is done. The worst incident has been seeing a fisherman club a fish to death - the sound remains in my head to this day.... unfortunately the sound (and sight!) of me trying to drown said fisherman remains with Stephen......

7. If i could sit and sew or knit all day for the rest of my days i would be happy - i never ever want to go on a foreign holiday, i would be happy at home forever.

There you have it another list of complete madness and confusion..... i really do not know why people read this blog
but i am so glad you do xx

Back soon

T x


Gigibird said...

I have noticed your amazon addiction - it takes one to know one!
The bib thingy's look nice - I thought they could be used as teddy capes.

I too have problems killings things - since moving and my beloved cat dying (I'm sure she used to kill them for me) I have to kill big hairy spiders if they are running about near me, but I feel terrible afterwards.

Ragged Roses said...

You don't seem mad or confused at all to me, just lovely! Don't worry about Trevor, we're a bunch of lovely mummies in Brighton you know and if I get time I might just have to .... How about blueberries for the bib (I know it's not the same shade but same colour!). Have a good weekend. Don't worry Trevor will be fine (just dropped my oldest daughter off for a week's holiday in Italy this morning without us and that's what I keep saying to myself!)

Lindyloo said...

Bibs are gorgeous but I don't use any that aren't velcro ties- choking hazard.

Picture it in Stitches said...

I absolutely love the bibs but .... if I were to buy one, it would never get used because I just couldn't bear the thought of it getting covered in yukky food !!! But that's just me !! Sarah x

julie said...

love the baby bibs - such a great shape and so much prettier than the high street fare. I'm not surprised that you're sad to part with the lovely Trevor, maybe he'll send you a postcard. By the way, I like your list of order and complete sanity and I'm definitely with you on number 7 - give me home and my knitting and I'm blissed out!!

Rowan said...

I hope Trevor finds a lovely new home with someone to love him:) He looks so nice. I'm a regular customer of Amazon too.

dottie angel said...

ok, ok i haven't even read the post, just popped straight to comments to say "you were on my list to tag, but i took so long to get around to it, it's too late...that will teach me to do my thing #6 Avoidance..ho hum" back to read the post...

dottie angel said...

ok i am back now and feeling much more composed...i feel exactly the same thing about my dress can be sure they really are admiring glances!!!...lovely to hear that i amongst 'nutty as a fruitcake' friends in our cyber world!