Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Keeping Busy

We are on our way - packing boxes everywhere - the constant sound of Stephen saying "what are you packing that for", me packing everything as everything is a memory......
Thank goodness we will be moving to a larger house!

My sweet shop is a mess - i hate SALE time, i cannot display items as i would like, there is a lack of beautiful new stock and i have to listen to my lovely customers telling me time and time again how they will miss Cupcakes so much.

I will miss it too.

To take my mind off all the madness i have sat and made lots - very little of it is finished as i seem to be flitting from one piece of work to the next - it matches my head - flitting around like a mad thing!

This cushion is made from a lovely stash of rose fabric that i am sadly running low on, a Vintage piece of lace and a wonderful cotton ticking fabric from Louise Loves

A new brooch using my most favourite template

I love any thing
bird related - i just wish that we could encourage birds in to our garden with foodie treats but with four cats it seems a little unfair.
The Bluebird is felt with a Vintage lace wing and a tiny button.

These girls are not finished - but will be soon as i have loved making them and need to make a herd!
And i have finally stretched my knitting mind - i have always enjoyed knitting but have never been able to sit down long enough to learn new stitches and techniques. I am now in love with all things knitted and this little project is coming along a treat - i will show you all more another day as this first attempt is a little wonky ( actually it is very wonky!)

I am hoping to see my Mum this weekend - it is a wonderful feeling that even at my age when i am feeling unsettled, unsure, on the edge of tears most of the day, the only person who can wrap there arms around me and make all the bad feelings go away is xx My Mummy xx
And i love her x

Hope you are all having a happy start to the week.

T x


Ragged Roses said...

Hello, Oh I know that flitting around feeling ... The birds look gorgeous and are a wonderful substitute for them in the garden (with 2 cats here we know that the birds would be the cats foodie treat!). Good luck with everything!
Kim x

Nonnie said...

I've got a few tears in my eyes after reading that post! Especially the last few lines. I know what you mean. Mummy's always manage to make things seem ok. George has left the responsibility of helping with my craft fair on Saturday to my Mum. I know having her there will make it so much less daunting. Really love the things you've been making. Seems like a good idea to keep yourself extra busy if you're feeling a bit emotional about the move. It will all be well in the end. x Thanks for the craft fair essentials list by the way.

rach said...

Good luck with the packing. It's an odd feeling of finality, but rest assured it will all be there when you arrive at your new home.

rach x

Sew Recycled! said...

Oh you are busy - birds are my fav too. Its an exciting time too, remember that!

Jessica Chapman said...

Love the shabby-chic looking pillow. I also relate to your feelings of uncertainty.

Charlotte said...

That cushion is beautiful. On the mum front ~ I agree. When I was in hospital last year and asked my next of Kin ~ I said my mum ( whilst in front of my fiance! ) and I still speak to her atleast once a day as she lives in Aberdeen ~ 2.5 hours away. If i need reassurance its her I still turn to. Is that a bad thing? Anyway, keep up the packing ~ just think of the end result when you are in your new home and new start.

julie said...

Major changes always bring on feelings of uncertainty and some anxiety and you're certainly going through a major change right now, I'm not suprised that you're in flitting mode! I hope that all the happy memories of your beautiful home stay fresh in your mind and drown out some of the uncertainty. Mummy hugs definitely help a great deal too. Take care xxx

carolyn said...

Can't believe you are finding creative time with all that packing etc. Would love to see your herd of deer. Re feeding the birds, I didn't for years because I feared the cats would have them but when we had guinea pigs the flocks of sparrows would come in to feed from the seed they scattered around the hutches. The cats never caught a sparrow. Thrushes also spent a great deal of time in the garden probably due to the huge colony of snails and they seemed to evade the cats. Eventually we set up a bird table and now we get visits from blackbirds, sparrows, thrushes, starlings, blue tits, green finches, chaffinches, wrens, robins, ring necked doves and the occasional pigeon. The cats actually seem to ignore the table and all this activity.
Fledglings are however another matter all together, so no nesting boxes for us.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh those little birds and deer look so sweet! Just imagine, several weeks from now when things have all settled down again, you can feel like you're off to an exciting fresh start! How fortunate you are to have this opportunity!

Rowan said...

Packing to move house is never easy but you'll get there in the end. I'm so glad Bean is better again - and those cats look great in the basket - funny how cats all love anything basket-y, all mine have been the same.