Sunday, 4 March 2007

Meet the Family xx

You have all met Talulla and Bean - lets face it i have bored you all rigid with picture after picture.....

Well it is about time you met the rest of the family.

This is Bracken..... she is of a great age - possibly as old as 18. We visited a cat rescue centre and stopped at a cage to say hello to a black and white cat that was all singing and dancing.... Bracken was sitting at the back of the cage not saying a word.
We thought we had chosen the quiet one!!!!
Let me just say - Bracken is the BOSS of this house
and we love her for it xxxx

And as you can see from the photo she is a great singer!!!

This little guy is Binks xx
He sadly lost his brother Tolly earlier this year, and he misses him big time.
But please do not feel sorry for him as we have begun to search for a new friend to share his enormous summer house with xx

Now what can i say about this guy....
He is a LARGE tabby cat who came from the blue cross as a tiny kitten - over the last 4 years he has had his ups and downs emotionally. You see despite his size he is a little sensitive and a complete mummies boy - but when he is at his most sensitive, ( say if we move a piece of furniture ) he is calmed with a few drops of rescue remedy and a cuddle with his mum xx

This is Bella Boo, Archie's little sister. They came from a litter of 9 and were the only 2 tabbies so i could not leave one behind!!
She is sooo sweet and fluffy and cute as a button.
However..... she is feisty and completely in charge of Archie!!!
Do not be fooled by those eyes.

And last but not least is my little ginger girl - Twigs Pigs.
She arrived when i worked at the local vets - she is a farm cat with a soft side xxx
I wanted to call her Pig as her tail does curl up at the end like a piggies tail, but after Stephen said
a. what is that lump moving in your bag?
b. please tell me it is not another animal.
c. you have to leave the vets!!!
He then fell in love with her at first glance and refused point blank to call her pig...
so we compromised xxx
As you can see she is a little camera shy.

That's all for this week - Monday tomorrow and a day off from the shop.
I will be spending the day finishing my sewing for Samantha over at Plump Pudding, and taking those naughty whippets out for a walk.

Hope you have a great day - whatever you do x

T x


Twinkle Pink said...

I love to see all your animals, but just as much I love the names you choose.

We used to have a huge golden retriever, 2 corgis, 2 rabbits. All had great personalities, but have passed away now.

Emily our cat came at the beginning and has lived through all the chaos and at a ripe old age of 19 still looks like a young cat, has the best teeth our vet has ever seen and sleeps anywhere she wants without fear of being sat on. I think she secretly misses them all though.

Best wishes Ginny

Deb said...

What a beautiful family of pets you have. Thanks for sharing their photos and stories - I especially liked your vet story.

Nonnie said...

I am a big cat lover so think your little family is really gorgeous. I would love to be able to have just one cat at home but unfortunately my lease doesn't allow it.

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,

Your pets are all so gorgeous that makes we feel like cuddling them all the time.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Bracken reminds me so much of the kitty we adopted! She is also a calico (long-haired however). I went with the kids to the local animal shelter to adopt a kitten, but this calico cat (supposedly 10 yrs) won me over and has ruled the roost since the day we brought her home. =)

Gigibird said...

What a household you have!
No wonder you don't have time to clean not when all these lovely babies need you.
I am quite jealous.
How do they all get on?

When my dear pussy cat was alive she and Harry hated the sight of one another....

Tracy said...

Hi gigibird x
They all get on really well, just as long as they respect Bracken!!

carolyn said...

We could never get bored with Tallulah and Bean but it is nice to meet your feline friends as well and of course your gorgeous rabbit.

julie said...

Thanks for letting us meet the rest of your family - and what a wonderful family they are. I love your descriptions of their characters and histories - you obviously love them all to bits.

Naturegirl said...

You truly are my kindred spirit with having all these furry companions!! I love them all!!~Cats are collectables~ we can't just have 1!I also have 3 felines and post about them! I name all my garden visitors too...many have become internet celebrities! Nice meeting you and all your creature comforts!
:)NG =^.^=

claire said...

Love all your feline friends. I've never met a cat I didn't like! Now I must take some pictures of my babies to show them off, as of course, they are gorgeous!

Joanna said...

Captain Rupert is very glad to meet Binks. He is sad he lost his brother and hopes he finds another friend soon. He does recomand his brothers and sisters on his link to his family. He would like a friend too to get up to mischief with.