Thursday, 1 March 2007

Shouting from the Rooftops ........and a corner

I am lucky that talented folk arrive at my shop with such an array of different items that they have made or painted.
Over the last few years i have been privileged to have the chance to have these items for sale in my little village shop.
So to say thank you to all you wonderful artists and craft workers, and to let all you guys out there share in my good fortune, i thought i would start a .....

Shout from the Rooftops post.

The first i would like to shout about is a lovely lady called Fran.

Not only is she a mum, and the maker of the fabulous beads below, she also always arrives at the shop beautifully dressed and soooo calm. She used to have a shop so was such a huge help to me when i first opened and i was scared of everything!!!
So for that i thank her, but i am also completely in love with every necklace she delivers and i find it hard to actually put a price tag on any of them!!!!

So here i am proudly introducing you to Fran xx

This green necklace is so pretty

These shorter necklaces sell the most, and it is so nice to have them in black.

But this necklace with Mummy on is really special
All of Frans items are available at our shop and on our website, so go take a peek xx

And just because its the first of March i thought i would show you a corner of my cottage.

This dresser was painted to sell in the shop, but i made the mistake of painting it in my sitting room and it just never left!!!!

Hey Ho - i never said i was a great business woman.....

Enjoy the Spring sunshine

T x


Jane said...

Hi Tracey, just to say that I popped into the shop today and met a very nice lady. Was very impressed with all your items and bought some lovely things including a lovely vintage blue check tablecloth. Hope you don't go too soon now that I have found the shop xx

OhSoVintage said...

Those necklaces are beautiful! I love the colour of your dresser, no wonder you didn't want to part with it. I am trying to pluck up courage to paint my old oak dresser so this has given me inspiration to just do it.

Tracy said...

so sorry that i missed you but i am glad that you liked my friend Elaine who works with me on a Thursday - the large shop is a shadow of what it used to be as we are due to close it in the coming week - but the small cute front shop will be stuffed full of yummy goodies until we leave xx
Hope to meet you next time.
Tracy x
p.s - glad the tablecloth went to a good home!

Nonnie said...

I love those necklaces. I'll definitley have a look on the website. And I'm not at all surprised the dresser never left. It's gorgeous. I love that colour of blue.

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,
No wonder you didn't let the dresser go. It's so pretty.
And your friend makes lovely necklaces. Will have a look.
Take care. x

Ms Charity Case said...

I love the dresser and the soft toy dogs you have on the bottom shelf. where did you get them they are just the sort of thing I would like to buy?