Friday, 12 January 2007

Lavender Houses xx

Feeling a little stuck in a rut with all things creative this week - the shop is taking up a lot of time due to our annual sale, and quite frankly our home is a complete mess!!
I have not managed to tidy up really well since before Christmas, and every time i sit down to sew it is such a chore to find all the bits i need that i just give up.
I once had a lovely workroom up in our attic but that is gradually filling up with packing boxes ready for the big move. And before that i had my sweet little painted shed in the garden - perfect for spending half a day surrounded with cotton and buttons - HOWEVER - that has now become my rabbits Winter sleeping quarters!!

So....... craft wise i just feel a little homeless.

When we move i am going to make sure i have my own room from the very beginning - i shall put my name on the door and will put my feet firmly under the table - never to be shifted!

All i have manage this week are a few new Lavender houses - i have made these on and off for years - they look lovely hanging in a wardrobe or on a coat rack in a hallway - they will be uploaded onto my website as soon as i make more.

As for today, i am very lucky as i am taking the day off and spending it with my best girlfriend at Bluewater - not for clothes shopping (although i will take a little peek!) but mainly for John Lewis haberdashery, and lunch at Carluccio's!!
If i find any delights i will show you all later xx


Nonnie said...

Those little houses are adorable. It really does seem like a lot of us are finding it difficult to get back into things after the Christmas break. I know what you mean about the workroom situation. I don't have a workroom myself and long for one. At the moment my work space is in one corner of the sittingroom and it doesn't make working any easier. How lovely that you will be able to create your own space when you move. I hope you will share pictures?
Have a lovely time at Bluewater. I used to go there a lot when I lived in Greenwich as it was easy to get to from there. Have a nice long lunch at Carluccios and enjoy John Lewis. I love their haberdashery department. Look forward to seeing what you find.

Clare said...

Hi Tracy, the lavender houses are adorable! We're also finding it hard to get back into the swing of things since New Year and I just don't feel I'm 'achieving' at the moment! Hope you have a fantastic day out with your friend! Clare x

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Tracy, Ditto, what sweet little houses!

Will you be moving soon? Once you have moved and sorted everything I am sure you will come bouncing back. Good luck with the move.
Best wishes Ginny

Joanna said...

Lovely lavender houses. I so sympathised when I read what happened to your shed. In our new house there are his and her sheds. K has his eye on the one with the vice. The other I'm thinking would be lovely painted white with curtains and my things for making and painting. But then I have a thought it would be a fantastic place for captain rupert it could become the most amazing rabbit hutch ever. Captain Rupert was wondering if we will be seeing any pictures of your bunny. Lovely to see the on line shop too.

Tracy said...

A message for Joanne and Captain Rupert the bunny!!
I will post pictures of our beautiful bunny Binks tomorrow - he really is a sweetie and has only recently lost his brother Tolly, so is a little lonely. (We need to find a bunny lonely hearts club!)
You will not regret the loss of your shed if you do let Rupert have it - the space it allows a bunny is just great, and ours has double doors that are half glazed and open up onto the lawn - oh the luxury our bunny has!!!!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracey,
I love those little lavender houses, what a fab idea! You'll be desperate to get a workroom to yourself in your new house, have you got one planned in the build? Will you have views out to the sea?
I'm finding it hard to get back into things, but I've just spent the afternoon in Borders book shop with a friend and bought a couple of nice craft books so I'm hoping they'll inspire me next week!
Hope you had a lovely day a Bluewater, it's fab!
Lisa x

Den gode feen (The fairy) said...

I love your lavender houses :)