Monday, 8 January 2007

Does everyone hate January?

Spent today working in my little shop, happily changing displays, ordering beautiful new Spring stock and generally enjoying the day.
People came and went throughout the day - browsing, buying and passing the time.
The one thing all my customers had in common with each other was the January blues!
Am i really the only person around who actually does not mind January and February???

I love the fact that its a whole new year, that the temperature is not scorching, that the skies can be a truly wonderful mix of shades of grey.

I am starting to feel slightly odd and alone!
Please let there be other people out there who prefer the colder days, of lighting the fire, wearing big jumpers and eating comfort food and dread the hot days of Summer where you can barely wear any clothes or step outside your home without the fear of becoming sunburnt!

Apart from that i also went to my little craft shop and purchased a ball of soft green wool. Unfortunately i am a REALLY basic knitter - so this ball is destined to become yet another scarf!!
But i will have a lovely time doing it and one day i will develop my knitting skills further - i hope!

Below is a quick picture of a corner in my sitting room. It was not until i loaded the image onto my computer that i realised how bare it looks without all the Christmas decorations. I really must go out in the morning and treat my home to some more Spring flowers.

I am determined that tomorrow will be a day of sewing and creating new goodies for the shop and website - so hopefully i will have photos of goodies for you all to see x


Clare said...

I do actually love the winter - but the crisp, cold days - not so much the damp dreary days like today! It's lovely to stoke the woodburner and curl up on the sofa with the cat (or the husband!) I'm not keen on scorching hot weather either - anything over 23 degrees and I'm complaining!!! Clare x

Nonnie said...

I don't mind January too much because like you, I like the feeling of a whole new year ahead. But I'm really more of a spring and autumn girl because I like a bit more warmth but like you not too scorching as mid summer. I do prefer January when it's more crisp and sunny than damp and grey as we've had recently. But I do love the cosiness of winter, snuggling up at home with candles lit and comfort food.

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi, I love big jumpers, roaring fires and big fluffy socks curled up with the wind howling outside. My only problem is having to go outside in it, ferrying the whole family around from one place to another.

I like sunshine too, sitting out in the garden with a cuppa, watching the birds feed their young and a lawn mower going in the distance.

However I don't like it too hot. There I agree..... I think? Hope that helps

Best wishes Ginny

brinwis said...

I'm with you! There's something so romantic about a bare January day! Seems like no other time feeds the soul like winter, right?

Just found your blog and love it! I'm from Texas, U.S., and the only taste of Scotland I get is on the travel channel. Blessings to you as you leave your shop behind and live your dream...


julie said...

I love cold, crisp winter days - there's a kind of clarity and cleaness to the air that you just don't get at any other time of year but I must admit to loathing the short days. I think autumn is my favourite season but then it's so difficult to pick one. I'm just grateful to live in a country where we have distinct seasons and we can celebrate all their little differences and contrasts.

Joanna said...

I like January and I will like it even better when I have my rayburn. I love going out in the cold and coming back to warm up. I don't mind putting on lots of jumpers, its so much better than turning the heating up

weirdbunny said...

I had to go and buy flowers for my house today to brighten it up. Pink and lemon roses, beautiful.