Monday, 1 January 2007

A Bright New Shiny Year Ahead........

A whole New Year to look forward to....
I woke up this morning full of happiness and excitement about the year ahead of us, a new home, new friends and new possibilities.
I then started to look around our little cottage which we have loved for so many years, and i felt really sad.
My star sign is Cancer - the emotional homemaker- and boy oh boy the stars are true at the moment!!!!
Everywhere i look i want to photograph as a memory, so i have decided to add them to my blog as a permanent record. It will no doubt be a little dull for everyone else (unless like me you enjoy seeing how other people live!). So feel free to glance quickly over the huge amount of tear stained photos that will appear over the coming months......
Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all xx

The first image is a corner of my sitting room x


Clare said...

Hi Tracy, What a wonderful blog! Now that I've found you I'm going to add you to my list of inspirational blogs! From what I can see, your cottage looks wonderful, you must be sad to leave - but what a fabulous new life you will have - it takes a great deal of courage to move so far away and build a house!! I've been looking at your previous posts - oh your cats are delightful! I look forward to your photo memories of your lovely home. Happy New Year! Clare x

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Tracy thank you for popping by my blog(I am new to all this and have explored some great blogs, but it is nice to come across fun new one -loved the website and great name too!
Good luck with your move, I am quite envious, we have been looking at property in Scotland. I've seen some great places, its a long way away from here. But hopefully blog land and your website will bridge the gap, and it will soon feel like home.

The best of luck and happy new year. Ginny

Nonnie said...

Hi Tracey
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yours is lovely and I'm going to have to have a good look back over your previous posts.
I'm definitely the type who likes to be nosey and look at other peoples houses so I look forward to seeing the views of your cottage. Your future plans sound very exciting.
A very happy New Year to you.

Primrose Hill said...

Happy New Year Tracey! Just found your blog, it's lovely - your two cats look adorable! Your adventure to Scotland sounds wonderful, you'll love it up here! We moved further north 18 months ago to "do up" an old cottage with a bit of land, I'm loving every moment of my "new life" in the sticks, you just can't beat it!
Wishing you lots of luck for 2007.
Lisa x

julie said...

I'm with Nonie - I love a good nose around people's homes, especially when they're as pretty as yours - keep the photos coming!