Friday, 29 December 2006

Almost time to put the Christmas Teapot away.

I always feel sad when the Christmas Teapot has to be put away for another year. He sits so beautifully on our dresser with the dishes and platters that we enjoy only on high days and holidays!!!
One of my New Years Resolution (there will be a long list as usual!!) is to use my lovely collection of Vintage china more regularly.
2007 is the year that we will move to Scotland and use Vintage China everyday....... Cannot wait!!!!

I am also determined to post on my blog every day, make time to paint and sew, and enjoy updating my website - - it gets a little forgotten as i tend to concentrate more time on the shop.

This year has gone so quickly that i feel i must look everyday at all the things and people and animals around me that i love and appreciate them more.

2007 is the year that we close our little shop and sell our beautiful little cottage that has kept us safe for 18 years and move to a new adventure in Scotland. Land, rearing animals, growing veg and building an Eco House beckons - so much to look forward to but also so much to leave behind xx

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julie said...

What a beautiful dresser full of lovely china. Best wishes for a Happy New Year - sounds like it will be a big one for you - I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures and your move later in the year.