Sunday, 4 July 2010

catch up #1 ... dogs and ducks

as i have totally neglected my dear blog i plan to catch up on all that has been going on here over the next week..

the first post today will be a catch up on the hounds and ducks...

our group of bandits are all doing well.. two girls continue to guard a nest but no sign of any more ducklings as of yet....

the sweet pair of ducklings are growing at an incredible rate... the pale yellow one chats from the moment you open the door in the morning until it is put to bed at night...

the hounds have enjoyed some sunshine and the long grass

no picture of george or mcdog as camera run out of steam :(

back soon with catch up #2 ... makes :)

t x


Miss Pickering said...

The ducklings look like something from a fairytale, how perfect in their cuteness.

When did Cricket get so grown up? and elegant?

Foxtail Lilly said...

Yeah.. Iv missed seeing the hounds!! Love to all Txxxx

julie said...

lovely pictures of all the crew - hope you had a good weekend and didn't get swept away by all of the high winds

mollycupcakes said...

everyone's looking fabulous honey.
they all look like they are smiling and who can blame them lol
hope you're well, it's been to long.
really must catch up via email
big hugs
catherine x

Jane said...

Oh my goodness you have such gorgeous dogs! & I love that you have ducks too -that is a dream of mine... However, our 2 retired racers would definitely have trouble not seeing them as prey =(

Nicola-Jane Mellett said...

My greyhound Dustin would love to run in your beautiful fields with your lovely hounds. I love your blog, I've just started my own with plenty of pictures of the beloved D hound on. I'd love you to look at it any tips would be fabulous