Tuesday, 13 April 2010


i have never been a fan of yellow...

being fair skinned with dark hair and green/grey eyes, i have never found a yellow that i could wear


i have noticed yellow creeping in and around the house along with the Spring sunshine...



i am not sure how long it will stay..

but i shall enjoy it whilst it does...

t x


The Fairy Glade said...

I think mcdog will make a brilliant sheep herder bless him. As for the colour yellow, our house is full of daffodils, the garden is full of daffodils, all different shades of yellow. Such a cheery colour. Not sure that I would want to wear anything yellow though. Dev x

Katy Noelle said...

I'm just melted butter for things like this. I don't know, I hope that I'm not shallow but, I do love pretty things like these.

Tracey, I have a conundrum. In normal conversation, when you shared about Ghille Mcdog, the last few posts, you would have heard me roaring with laughter. Really, truly! There would have been reciprocation and communication. How, how, how, does one demurely leave a "roaring comment"? Frankly, it felt so lame and tame compared to my genuine reaction - the "comment" you couldn't hear.

Let's say that I LOVE your posts - they're doing me good! Could we just have, like, a special code symbol for, "Katy was here and I appreciate you and that was cool, etc.? How about that ridiculous "=]"? Would that work? Well, that's what I am going to do. It will get redundant but that is way better than absolutely loving a post and saying nothing. Also, that way, I won't try and "can" a great hearty laugh! k?

Since I'm on a roll here and our brand new garden is about to be planted, here at our new home. I wanted to ask you what your take on "plants that are poisonous to sheep" is. I mean, it seems that sheep can keel over from eating most things that I want to grow in the garden. Of course, it'd be really great if they don't get into the garden in the first place. Also, if they get into my garden and eat everything - I'm going to kill them anyway. AAAAAND, we don't have any sheep yet but it's very, very hopeful that we will this summer. What do you do?

If and/or WHENEVER you have a chance, I'd love some input from someone with experience. The book just says, "these are the plants that are poisonous to sheep!" They don't quite tell us what they're implying. I think you get the gist of what I'm asking.

Thanks! Love, Katy

mollycupcakes said...

our livingrooms yellow yuk oh how i wish i could paint a nice farrow and ball colour, it's not ours as we rent. Bummer really because it's a little bit to much yellow for me lol
Here and there is cool and makes me smile, loving you're yellow collection sweetie.