Saturday, 10 April 2010

late nights


yet again i find myself rushing to get a post done before the day escapes me..

the reason for this for the last few nights is partly down to knitting - i am trying to complete a tank top so i can start the next knitting project, but i am at the neckband stage which is just hateful..

this is the worst part of a pattern for me..

time disappears as i sit and curse and then suddenly my eyes droop and i realise that i have not posted...

i am determined to complete my post a day for a whole year project and will only miss days for serious things and not bloody neckbands!

tomorrow i must find time around the neckband saga to explain how we have discovered
ghillie mcdog's special purpose..

and how the great hound reacted to the news when i sat him down and explained all...

t x


Katy Noelle said...

Sounds Deep! Can't wait to hear this revelatory insight!

Love, Katy

Paula said... can I say this?
First of all I must tell you english isn't my first language so sometimes it's hard to me to leave a comment.However I'll do my best and must say I've been following your blog since your firth post.I followed you when you decided to travel north and I think you are a very brave woman. I'm always waiting for new photos of your "babies" and your whippets really make my day.I cried when you lost your sheep and always cross my fingers so that it never happens again.
Please keep posting as I came here every single day and surely there are lots of people doing the same.