Monday, 22 February 2010

a rude awakening

this morning my eyes flew open at the sound of a screaming bird... really screaming, really scared, really loud..

i looked out of the bedroom window and looking right back at me was an enormous buzzard type bird

and clearly trying to kill something a lot smaller than itself...

i rushed through the house and out the door - running in p.j's and hastily grabbed wellies - cursing myself for not being a little more clear headed when putting wellies on as i seemed to be in crippling pain due to them being on the wrong feet..

by the time i got to the deck the big bully had flown, no doubt alarmed by the screaming banshee fast(ish) approaching...

it was eerily silent and i honestly feared the worst as i climb the few steps and saw all the bird feathers drifting.. but upon closer inspection i spotted a wren (?) behind an old terracotta plant pot.. cowering and clearly in shock :(
i lifted the poor chap and was rewarded with the high pitched screeching again and a little wing action which made me glad that their was some signs of resistance still..
he soon quietened down as i held him against my chest and waited for stephen to find a cardboard box...
a little sawdust in the bottom and he was soon safely inside awaiting later inspection..

we happily released the gorgeous bird a good few hours later once we were happy that he was not bleeding, was bright and alert and that the bully was nowhere to be seen - he flew straight off on to our log pile, had a good shake and then flew off - hopefully to find his friends and family..

i am not sure how many lives a bird has compared to the nine of a cat, but this little one definitely used up one of those lives today!

the rest of the day has been spent moving sheep and checking their feet ..

which means yet another day spent away from my camera

sorry folks
no eye candy today!

t x


Lyn said...

I am glad you saved the little wren. Hubby and I spent saturday evening at midnight trying to catch a mouse that the cat had brought in and let go in our bedroom-we got him and released him!

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor little fellow! Glad he was ok.

Hannah said...

oh the poor little wren! i've been printing wren's for the past couple of days too! so i was completely gripped reading your post! so glad it hopped back home all safe & sound although be it shaken! han x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Shriek of laughter here at the thought of the agony of the wrong feet but well done with the rescue :)

Hope all the sheep still had all their feet when you checked ...


acrossthepond said...

Gosh! It is really nice to hear a happy ending. So often we rescue small creatures only to add them to the 'back yard graveyard'. You remined me of myself sprinting out the house as every Summer we have a problem with Racoons after my bunnies. I am well known to fly out the house in the dead of night with broom in hand screaming like a crazy woman!!! We live in suburbia and have neighbours very close by! What must they think?

Tabiboo said...

Oh bless - the poor little fellow. Well done you for the rescue.

Nina xx

ps. enjoy your sheep and their feet.

mollycupcakes said...

Aww poor little fella or miss.
It's had a lucky escape and landed into safe kind hands.
I bet it was lovely to see it fly off in to the sky.

With love,

Catherine x

Pea Green Kitty said...

Awww the poor little mite, I know its all about the 'food chain' with nature but it is so awful to have to witness.
I once saw a Magpie taking chicks from a Wood Pigeons nest, it then fought the mummy wood pigeon until she retreated from her nest and The nasty magpie made it its own home! It was high in a tree and there was nothing I could do!