Thursday, 18 February 2010


a happy day.....

reeling from the kindness of a friend....

the excitement of starting a new project.....

staring at beautiful george and thinking that he is far too pretty to be a boy :)

hope you have something making you happy today

t x


Judith said...

So glad you have had a good day,love the colours of the new project.

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...


I had a happy day, too. I had a lovely email from a lovely blogger as far North as you can get who I like to think of as a friend; a lovely family visited Dairy House because of the A303 being closed - she reads our blogs and visited Niki (Nostalgia) today as well; a regular customer told me he thinks my shop is the nicest one in England. So I'm very happy too!

mollycupcakes said...

The best thing that made me happy today was the kind word from a friend. thank you sweetie for the comment. Ben was making feel all crazy and that i had turned into a stroker :(
I was reading your twitter comments about that c4 program lol it was so funny. My god i want a huge dress now for my wedding hehe!
George is gorgeous, we could look at him all day.
With love,
Catherine x

Pipany said...

You sound very cheery Tracy. Lovely to read. Off for a catch up now as I am reather behind (again). Did you manage to get that knitting pattern for a tank top by the way? xx

Miss Pickering said...

RE: George

We share your opinions.

We will now refer to him as Georgina.

Happy Days. Long may it continue.

Miss P and The Boy wonder