Saturday, 16 January 2010

can i change my mind?

can i stop being a farmer now?
is it too late to go back to being someone who eats and sleeps?

weary is the word of the day here but we are both smiling as both lambs are still here with us - lamb number one responded quite spectacularly to the remedy last night (i will not give details!!), and does seem a little brighter this afternoon...
he has had further remedies today and we are currently waiting for any signs that they are working and are indeed the correct choice of remedy for this situation....
we have also decided to go with the Homeopathic option first with the second lamb - he is not as weak as the first was so we hope that we
can catch whatever it is quickly...

thank you for all your well wishes - whilst massaging their tummies i whisper to both lambs that folk are thinking of them and willing them to fight on x

we are smiling but we are both totally exhausted - we had gale force winds here last night which kept us both awake and in a permanent state of panic that at any moment we would hear the pony, sheep or duck shelter fly across the fields... what with that and checking on the lambs every two hours no sleep was had at all...
our biggest problem is remembering to eat - we get up and set off making sure all animals are fed, watered and checked each morning, but when two are in the sick bay it really adds to the amount of time we are outside - it got to 3pm today before we both realised that we had not eaten or drank anything - where does the time go?
i swear we only realised because we noticed that the sun was going down....
a very large Supper will be eaten tonight!

tonight i also plan on doing something with this lot...

remember these?
i started the squares in the hope that i would make a blanket for our living room sofa, but i have since lost the pattern details and have no idea how to make more... the book went back to the library - i convinced myself that i knew the pattern like the back of my hand but of course months later have no idea!

any crochet masters out there who could offer some guidance?
or anyone with the book 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton - i cannot remember exactly which pattern it was but it is in there somewhere...
i have ordered it from the library again but it seems to be very popular, and i would buy it from Amazon but there are so many other books i want first!

away to check lambs, pop ducks in and feed ponies

t x


Jane said...

Hi Tracy, Glad to hear the lambs are recovering. I hope you have a better night tonight. With your crochet I think that you might have made a standard granny square. I have found some uk instructions on the following link for you:
Failing that Lucy at Attic24 is a brilliant lady for crochet and might be able to advise her link is:
I do hope this helps, I do have a pattern in a book which I could scan and email otherwise. Good luck with your crochet. Jane x

mollycupcakes said...

We're so glad the lambs are doing better.
We're sending you all the happy thoughts we have and wishing everyday that 2010 turns in to the best year for Seahouse honey.
Can't help you with the crochet sweetie sorry but i know you're be finishing them very soon? wink wink x
Lots of love flying your way.
Catherine x

mollycupcakes said...

Oh i forgotto ask the other and wasn't sure if you wanted to tell everyone which glossy mag you're going to be in. Please drop me a line and let me know.
Because if it wasn't for you selling my pastry brushes on NOTHS I'd of never been in the Sunday Express S magazine in the top 12 baking accessories.
Thank you sweetie. I'd love to see your name in a mag, even if it is selling something not handmade. Well you deserve it for all the hard work you do everyday.
Catherine x

periwinkle said...

so glad to hear about your little lambs -- sounds like they are a pair of fighters . Got to keep your strength up though so please remember to eat/drink...ok :-)

Moogsmum said...

Ooh, I bought that book with my Christmas money. They look like the Traditional Granny Square (p42) to me - and very pretty too!
This should help -

Sitting here with a very nosy 8 year old who insists I tell you that Badger is her favourite!!!

Don't give up the farming. From my warm and comfy armchair it looks absolutely idyllic!

So glad the poorly lambs are doing better.


kristina said...

Thinking of you and all the animals, especially the lambs. And your squares are beautiful. One of my resolutions for this year: learn how to crochet granny squares... K x

Virginia Peach said...

Yes, I too can confirm that what you have there is a granny square. Plenty of stuff online about how to do them.

SOOOOO pleased to hear about the lambs. We are great lovers of Homeopathy in this house. We use Homeopathic teething pills for Oliver when he is having sore gummies, or is fussing about getting to sleep. One little pellet dissolved under his tongue and within minutes he is sleeping like an angel.

Kristy said...

So glad the sick lambs are perking up a bit.
The life of a farmer seems so hard I think I'll stick to farming kids ;)

Kristy said...

Just browsing and came across this blog and the lady was talking about the book you need! she might be able to help you.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Good news about the Lambs. I think you are amazing how you manage to do so much! Would love to also know which glossy.....

Chris R said...

Hi Tracy
I have emailed you about the pattern for the crochet squares, please let me know.
Hope the little lambs are ok today.
Chris x