Thursday, 5 March 2009

mail order

as Spring arrives so do all the mail order brochures....
i know that they are a terrible waste of paper but most are printed on recycled now and i do keep them for inspiration :)
i have a select few that i receive that never, ever dissappoint - they are the sort that are good from the moment you open them and smell and feel the wonderful matt finish paper... for me a good brochure has to have good paper.
my favourites are Toast, Cabbages and Roses, Organic Gardening, Joules, Poppy Treffry and of course Cath...

but this week a brochure arrived that has sent me all giddy - it is on beautiful paper, it is full of tempting hand made soap, amazing pottery, eco friendly garden items and the most lovely collection of plants and flowers

future primitive is the find of finds - and the blog that sits cosily behind the brochure is a wonderful and informative read - pop on over there and say hello to Tiggy x
i am about to order the sample pack of soap (fab idea) because as usual i cannot make my mind up, and the paper potter.

i intend to order plants next month as soon as i have checked what is suitable for coastal conditions.
this is one tempting brochure and website..

today has been so cold, the sort of cold that makes your nose hurt - do you know the cold i mean?
i have bravely shovelled yet more stone and hung out the washing, but for the best part of the day i have been sorting through boxes in the guest room and trying to put some order to the chaos... not an easy task.
i have also completed my egg cosy that has been niggling away in the back of my mind - it is to go with the painted egg cup made by the very talented Catherine over at Mollycupcakes.
they do sit so sweetly together....

Stephen has been braver than i and has almost completed the railings on the deck area outside our bedroom - i will pop pictures over at Sea House in the morning - it has made a big difference to the front view of the house and i am not sure that i like it...
from the inside it looks wonderful - suddenly it has created another room - a room to sit and crochet on warmer evenings....

pop over to Sea House if you have a moment as i have finally put on another post showing the almost completed bootroom.

back soon


GenerallyGemma said...

Those soaps look amazing!

tracysmum said...

everything sounds loverly, sooooooooo looking forward to seeing all your hard work,and you will have 2 xtra hands!!
off on a road trip round the south island for a few a caravan!!!
love to you

Pipany said...

Pretty egg cosy Tracy. You should sell plenty of those. Off to Sea House now for a look xx

mollycupcakes said...

You're so right about the whole paper feel, I get all silly over wood lol and ooww and arrr at it hehe!
I must pop on and have a look at that website and blog, it all looks so fresh and clean.

I am loving the bunny cosy with my eggcup sweetie, they look fabulous together.
I've just done a new yellow eggcup with a chick and egg with feet combo lol
Pictures emailed to you soon.
Right i must pop on over and look at Seahouse, it's sounding amazing.
Keep warm my sweet friend.
Big hugs,
Catherine x

Alex Mason said...

Hi tracy, love your egg cosie! and Tigs soaps are lovely. No whippets in my dog book but the afghan ones without hair look similiar, i can email you the pattern if you like needle felting. My mom is trying to persuade my dad to get a whippet i keep showing him your blog, fingers crossed!! Take care xx

Poshyarns said...

Well as your list of favourite catalogues pretty much matches mine I am off to check off this new recommendation immediately!

I love the egg cosy, so cute.

Nin said...

Oooh, squeeee! I love catalogues too- my Toast one arrived the other week and I've been in heaven ever since (yay they sent it to me here in the US!). I'm hoping I can get the Brora catalogue to arrive too :)

*trots off to visit the Sea House blog*

*emilie* said...

i love to get catalogues, and the ones i don't keep i tear apart and roll into fire-started for the fire place... and then put the ashes in the veggie garden.. i guess it's better than nothing !

FuturePrimitive said...

I've never had so many catalogue requests in one day...!
Thank you so so much for your lovely words about my catalogue and blog. I so appreciate feedback, and feedback like that almost brings a tear to my eye as it shows all the hard work is appreciated by the right folk. I too am a huge fan of Toast (drool, just wish I had the dollar!), Cabbages & Roses, oh and check out Howies too
All's good, thanks very much again, Tiggy x

Abbeysmum said...

Hi Tracy, Just been looking at the pics of the kitchen over at Seahouse(won't let me comment over there) I have lived in many houses over the years, and have built new, 8 years ago and am renovating another one now. I would just say that lots of drawers in the kitchen are by far the best use of space.
Things are always in easy sight and the stuff at the back is never hard to get to and drawers are easy to keep organised. Hope this helps with your future plans for your wonderful house.