Monday, 2 March 2009

jet setter.....

do you ever have a weekend where you just feel glum?
well that is how i spent my Saturday and Sunday....

Saturday brought sunshine and shovelling!
yep - me and my trusty shovel at it again - this time i had the utter pleasure of giving the pony shelter a really good Spring clean - two trailers full of poo and straw - all now piled high in a new pallet compost bin preparing to become next years amazing compost.
to reward myself for all the hard graft so early in the day i scrubbed down and hot footed it in to town - a quick jolly round the thrift shops which was a little lacking in treasures, and just when i decided to give up the shopping dash i found the best t-shirt ever.......

sorry that the picture is so awful - we are having a rather cloudy day today, but you get the idea!
what could be better attire for a Vegetarian?
and only £8 :)

this t-shirt also found its way home with me......

organic cotton and only £4

both from the only clothes shop we have unless i want a five hour round trip - New Look - the shop that makes me feel old, old, old!

Sunday i was a real misery guts.... i wasted the day on feeling sorry for myself for no good reason...
i think it may have been due to the nerves that i was feeling about my precious Mama flying to New Zealand ....
now - as this post is titled, my Mama is quite a jet setter - my parents are lucky to have travelled far and wide, but this particular trip was different.
my dad was staying at home and my extra lovely Auntie was travelling with my Mama - all the way across the world to visit their sister - just the thought of my big strong Dad not being there has left me a trifle nervous....
the jet setting girls even have a night and day in LA - lord knows what they will get up to there :)
i am just waiting to hear that they have reached my Aunties house safe and sound and then i am sure that my mood will change (if not Stephen is going to make me live in the trailer...)

so - today - Monday -
and i feel as if i have wasted two whole days and now have to play catch up
why do i do it to myself!

back as soon as i have painted, baked, cleaned and knitted socks



Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Tracy

You're not alone in having that sort of day. I'm the same if I know Hannah's off somewhere without Rob. Mum doesn't go anywhere now without me taking her so I don't have that problem, but I used to.

I'm sure the girls will have a fantastic time and no doubt they'll cope exceedingly well even if your big strong Dad has stayed at home! How's he going to cope though?!!!

Sue x

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm sure your Mummy & Auntie will be having a wonderful time. And thier journey a safe and happy one. They sound like the sort of women that could do anything and will be like a couple of Calender girls just leaving it all behind and jetting off to Hollywood lol only they're off to the other side of the world and i bet they haven't done a nude calender lol but you get the sort of thing I'm going on about hehe! And I'm sure your Dad is enjoying lots of pottering around, i know mine would be lol

I do hope today's brought you sunshine and smiles instead of :( ones. If you need a chat honey you know where I am x

Big hugs,
Catherine x

tracysmum said...

we are here ,after a very long journey.!auntie karen& i had a brill flight,shopped in L.A,watched lots of film s,now we just need to sleep!!everyone sends their can now relax!!
will call you soon.
love you loads.

JacquiMcR said...

There you go tracy, they are both safe and sound. Had a bit of a glums weekend myself, for no good reason. Lots to do in the house but keeping my head firmly in the sand and ignoring it all. Have a lovely week - jacqui

Ps My ten year old son insists on looking at your blog everyday to see the pictures of your dogs (another ongoing debate in our house at the moment)

tracey said...

You are not the only one feeling glum-had a sick child for 4 weeks now!

LissyLou said...

I love the veggie tee! i want one! x

annie's abode said...

i thought i was the only one to have those days tracy - i am afraid that i am a worrier too. i keep telling myself that worying about things will not change the outcome but i still fret.
i hope you are feeling on top of the world today

Kitty said...

Oh I know those glum days/weekends. :-(

As for New Look ... good for you. I go in there with my daughter. She asks me if we can separate whilst we're in there ... but of course I have the money, so she soon comes back ;-) x

the pig lady said...

I hope a bright sunny Monday cheered you up along with the lovely message from your Mum. I hope your week is fun. Debs x

jules said...

hi tracy sounds like mum and auntie are game girls and maybe La will have to look out for their arrival. I'm sure they will be fine and will have a great time. Glad to see the shovelling is coming along nicely. We are in the middle of the moher of all clearouts, because this project has been a big one we were hald scared to throw away anyting we have collected or been given just in case. Well I am now at the point of sickness every time I here the phrase just in case or the word temporary. I want it to end. So we went to the local tip with the van filled to the brim how the french man gasped when we opened the back doors. So I'm feeling quietly chuffed that we have managed to off load quite a lot of just in case JUNK!!!

Lobe Jules xx

xo.sorcha.ox said...

As a fellow vegetarian, I love the vegesaurus tee. :)