Tuesday, 24 February 2009

new handmade stock

at last...

a few new items have made it from my sketch book, onto my sewing machine and have finally been photographed.

only a few - but a few is better than none - right?

after happily making square and rectangle brooches with hand embroidery all of last year, i thought i would go circular..... and i think i like it!

there are clearly so many options for this brooch - i shall have a selection of six standard "loves", and will offer any willing buyer the option to suggest there own.......
who knows what folk will suggest?

after my weekend of shoveling pony poo and that mountain of stone my own brooch will say love sleep.....

sleep is pretty much what the hounds have been enjoying all weekend, whilst we have been outside in the rain going up and down the drive with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow ....

lucky them

today i have churned out lots of washing as the weather is rather warm and sunny, i have also started to dig over the veggie beds, entertained all the dogs, let the ponies out, checked the sheep, eaten lots of maltesers and packed a few orders.
and whilst i have been a busy bee it has made my heart sing to hear the hammering and chiselling from the sitting room - the remaining glass for the front of the house has arrived and the two small pieces are going in today.
hopefully i will pop some pictures on over at Sea House in the morning.

t x


jessica daisy said...

pretty brooches, what a lovely idea, i love the fabrics you've used. glad to hear there is more progress with the the house.
I saw the pictures of your kitchen on the seahouse blog it must be nice to build it to your own requirements, rather than having to use a standard layout. You must have very well behaved dogs though, I could never have a kitchen without doors on the cupboards, my Lab would eat us out of house and home!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Trac,

The brooches are lovely and so is the previous post too - I think a heart shaped log is wonderful! Also the Beethoven poem. I was welling up when I read that!

Hope you are well sweetie.

Alex Mason said...

Love the brooches...that ceramic stuff sounds fantastic! xx

Pipany said...

Hello Tracy. I do so love your pretty embroideries and the brooches look lovely. Can't wait to see more. Sounds as though the work is really moving on now. Everyone seems to have been nitten by the gardening bug now the weather is milder don't they? xx

blueberry hill said...

Very sweet brooches.
Love the pooch pic on the blanket too - so cute!!
Annie xx