Friday, 27 February 2009


whilst away i took every opportunity to visit big, bright shiny shops - not because i hate not having them close to home here in Scotland but for the sheer fact that the goodies glinting in the windows pulled me in like a magpie .....

yesterday i found a bag of treats that i had popped on a shelf and left....

what a wonderful result - now i feel as if i have a new present to enjoy over the weekend :)

and if a new notebook, beautiful card full of inspiration, pen and the cutest owl stickers are not enough to brighten up a rather grey and misty day - i have these beautiful fairy lights to gaze at... not strictly new as i have been selling them for awhile but i have never had a set out to call my own - well now i have!

the plans for the weekend are few - a little sock knitting, a little blanket square making, house decorating and the chance to enjoy some gardening (weather permitting), and maybe a little baking.

t x


tracysmum said...

What memories your little treasures bring back. It was a very wet and cold day in covent garden,but i didnt care,being with my loverly girl was all i wanted.we talked non stop,and had a loverly meal.cant wait for may!
Found map of covent garden,still havent found the shop we were looking for!!!!
love to you all.
P.S love all your craft work,do save some for me when i visit.x

Pipany said...

And that sounds just perfect Tracy. The same here I think, even down to the sock knitting _ the dreaded second one to go...groan. Much love to you xx

JacquiMcR said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend and what a lovely comment from your mum. Best wishes - jacqui

Vintage Kitten said...

The stickers are sooo cute. It sounds like you are planning to have a perfect weekend!

annie's abode said...

i am a stationary addict too - do i love a notebook. i also love a sticker. yours are sooo cute.

Alex Mason said...

Have a great weekend x

Bobo Bun said...

Tracy - what lovely owl stickers. Sounds as if you have the perfect weekend lined up.

Lisa x

mollycupcakes said...

Oh i'm loving the bird note book where did you get that from?
And the other iems are just so pretty.
I'm sorry it's taking a while to post the dogs treats, but i keep adding to the packet lol
Hope you like the plate I've found you, it was sitting all alone in a charity shop and it just had your name on it.
Enjoy a lovely weekend and speak soon about the china honey.
Big hugs,
Catherine x

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hello Tracey...Ive just looked on your 'makes' and they are just wonderful...the little badges are my have you been? so nice to catch up with you again :)

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog...I really appreciate it honey.

I envy that comment from your lovely Mum, that's all us gals need really isn't it!....our mums to be proud of us!

I love your blogs honey...stay in touch...I love this post.

PS If you ever need me to get you anything from CK I can call in and see if they have it...I don't know why there is so much out of stock but it might be that it is not in yet...any problems with getting anything...just email me, Love Happy xx

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

PPs what shop were you looking for in Covent Garden I was up there last week...I might be able to help you xx

lynnie said...

sounds like my kinda weekend enjoy love lynnie

Poshyarns said...

We all need a treat now and again and you chose beautifully.