Friday, 9 January 2009

mmmmmm....... yarn

the postie delivered some treats today.
not only did my Coast magazine arrive, but also this gathering of yarnie goodness...

just look at the colours.... mmmmmm

here is a picture of the shade card so you can see what other loveliness is available

i am also lusting after a few balls of this

in the last two shades especially

all goodness is available from Dragon Yarns
good prices, good selection and super-duper quick delivery service
all in all - thumbs up :)

so apart from stroking yarn and wondering just what to make, i have also taken a few snaps of new stock whilst the sun has been shining....

of course i have still found time to gaze at my beautiful family of animals
i am so lucky to be owned by such a good looking bunch!

also grabbed at speed from the rather alarmed looking postie was a parcel from home xx
how i love my Mummy
and how well she knows me!
a gorgeous pot of cream to help stop the harsh sea air giving me yet more wrinkles, and the most fabby top.....
i adore The Wizard of Oz, as do all the girls in my family, so a top with Dorothy and Toto and the words "dog person" could not be more apt..... thank you mummy - you are super :)

away i go in to a very welcome weekend...
lots of housey things to complete, sewing to enjoy and the start of that yummy crochet ......

....... oh

and the expected arrival of two new additions on Sunday evening makes me feel joyful but also a teeny tiny bit scared......

t x


Nin said...

Oooh what yummy wool! I am envious- I was stroking it in the shop the other day but I've banned myself from expanding my yarn stash until I've completed my existing projects...of which there are about 20 *sigh*

Can't wait to see who arrives... we're hoping for some new arrivals in a couple of weeks when I'm back in America (I'm sneaking an extra two weeks down here in the Home Counties to play with my mummy and daddy).


Kitty said...

OH my - those yarns look good enough to eat. Can't wait to see what you make with them. x

mollycupcakes said...

All those colour are the stuff dreams are made of, just looking at them makes me feel all warm inside.
What a fabulous eye for detail you have honey.
I only wish i could knit, is it really that hard? my dear departed Nana used to try and teach me but to no use, i could never get the hang of it. Maybe now I'm older i should give it ago. What do you think? any tips for me.
OOw can't wait to see who's coming to live with you all at Sea House, it's very exciting. I love surprises.
Please can you let me know if you got your little parcel from us all, as I have had a coupld of bits go tits up in the post over Christmas and would be most upset if you didn't get yours.
Enjoy a crafty weekend, I'm gonna take a leaf out of your book and start on some new ideas for Mollycupcakes, starting with a new yummy deep velvet Purple colour.
Many hugs sweet lady.
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes x x x

OhSoVintage said...

Isn't it great receiving prezzies in the post? What will you make with that pretty wool?

Kelly McClorey said...

the dragon website is great...i just took a skip over there but finding it hard to choose! it's so nice to have a yarn project to do of an evening : ) looking forward to seeing what yours turns into...the shades you've chosen are wonderful! hope the new arrivals get there safe and sound today. xx

oh and happy new year to you! i truly wish you and your ever expanding family a 2009 full of joy. x

Alex Mason said...

What gorgeous wool...and i love coast magazine i spent hours daydreaming about living by the sea!

*emilie* said...

i love those colors ! they look like icecream.
new arrivals !!! aw, today must be a special day for you !

Dragonfly said...

Lovely, lovely yarn...
May need to replenish my stash!

jules said...

you sound so happy, and what of these new arrivals could it be living breathing arrivals to go with your already growing family or is it goodies for your lovely new home. I can't wait to see

love jules xx

Bovey Belle said...

LOVE those coloured cottons - I can only buy white or ecru locally, so now am off to Go Google! Glad that you have hot water and HEAT now - it will be worth all the suffering, I promise!