Monday, 22 December 2008

good times :)

at last some good days here - hurrah for that........ i was seriously starting to wonder if we belonged here at all.

the only bad thing today was blooming Woody who decided to try and climb over our neighbours fence - he managed to get his front legs over but due to the size and weight of his large bee-hind, he managed to get himself stuck..... on barbed wire..... Stephen, of course, was out so i had to hot foot it over the muddy field to our neighbour - Pete then heaved big fat Woody up and off the fence - how i do not know - how can a man be strong enough to lift a fat Shetland pony????
thankfully Woody seemed fine - just carried on grazing with no sign of any blood - both boys have such a thick Winter coat which clearly acted as a barrier - phew.

Sunday and Monday has seen us pottering around the old croft clearing up debris after a night of the strongest winds i have ever witnessed - i still cannot believe that Betsy trailer remained standing!!
the gale force winds completely upturned the very large and heavy pony shelter and destroyed the sheep shelter completely - the only house that remained was Rodders - i put it down to the fact that it had all those holes in the side thus allowing the wind to sail through...... wiser than we thought that Rodders......

Christmas has arrived - two trees and lots of food and drink.
sadly not all the glass arrived - but we have the bottom half in place -pictures to follow soon to show you all how amazing it looks!

we have a sweet pot grown tree in our bedroom / only warmish room in the house........

and an enormous tree in the sitting room!
delivered by bagpipe Brian - chopped from the top of a very tall Scots pine which gladly leaves the rest of the tree to continue to grow x

it all looks almost done until you take a closer look at the floor..... rain still coming in :(

so - glass saga almost over, Rayburn still knackered and still waiting for a kindly wise man to arrive with a magic box of tools....

lovely new wood burner has finally been chosen and delivered for our bedroom - hopefully we will find the time to install it before Christmas Eve......

so that's us as we stand today - i will update tomorrow with pictures as i completely forgot to take any today and now it is pitch black.

t x


Kitty said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Tracy - and your man, and all the animals too. xx

Bovey Belle said...

You're getting there, slowly but surely, and I hope you manage to have a "normalish" Christmas. It certainly sounds like you could get a book deal out of all this! Merry Christmas from me (Jennie) in mild but damp West Wales.

Minnie said...

Merry Crimble from us (Me and Junior, 14 cats, 1 kitten and 1 cat-pecked dog) in cold Derbyshire Hill Billy Land. xx

Barbara said...

Just wanted to thank you for my lovely parcel from your shop. I particularly love my faux cranberry heart which has already been commented on! Hope you have a quiet and warm Christmas. Bx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Do I get a hint of progress at last? There are still a few days to go before the day that everything stops for, so I'm sure it'll all be ready in time!!!

Here it's a case of do as much as possible tomorrow and what doesn't get done, won't, as I won't get home until about 4pm on Christmas Eve.

I'm going to write cards on Boxing Day and post them after that. I might just buy next year's in the January sales and write them immediately!

What a wonderful thought to have a woodburner in your bedroom!

Sue x

asti said...

Hope you get some warmth before Christmas!It's all coming together at last.
Have a very happy one.
asti xx

tam said...

As always loved your post today! Stay warm and...Merry Christmas!

mollycupcakes said...

Oh that Woody is a naughty pony, stop giving your mummy more things to worry about. Santa won't bring you any treats lol
Can't wait to see the photos sweetie and glad you're a little warmer, i was thinking of you the other day when i heard the very high winds blowing your way and had everything crossed for you're safety.
Try and keep warm honey, snuggle up with the Ghillie and the girls lol and don't forget Stephen, if there is any room left hehe!
Big warm Christmassy hugs from all of us in the cupcake house.
Lots of love,
C x

Libby said...

Nearly there then, its always the finishing off that takes the time. At least you know that now your sleeping in your new home you won't be blown away!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family

Tea with Willow said...

So glad to hear that things are progressing at last .. and that you just about survived the gales! Poor little Woody - what is it with naughty little ponies?! Bless him!

Wishing you all the very best for the Christmas hols and hope you get the woodburner going!
Willow x