Sunday, 2 November 2008

a weekend full of happiness

what a lovely weekend

lovely, lovely weather - warm enough to leave the coats indoors and spend as much time in the garden as possible.

having a very special, special friend who i love beyond words - become homeless through a long awaited house sale, and knowing that he might just be forced to spend a little (or long x) time with us - yippeeeee xxxxxxx

seeing the mud in the small pony paddock finally dry out and making the decision to order a lorry load of stone to prevent the mud bath happening again.

having a large enough garden to have a bonfire that lasted for two whole days - our last garden was so small that a bonfire of any size was out of the question.

seeing the huge amount of progress that has happened in the house and knowing that tomorrow i get to collect some of our furniture from a friends barn - eekkkk.

being able to buy some new but Vintage fabric for my soon to be ready utility room.

taking pictures of these cute tin toys - my new most favourite stock items.

in fact the only downside of this weekend was talulla finding a stinking rabbits leg in the field, prancing around proudly with it and then rolling her entire body in it...... charming :)

see you all next week
t x


Kitty said...

So pleased to see you happy! The weather here has been horrible - especially yesterday.

Fabulous tin toys. x`

trashalou said...

stinky creature smells - bleaurgh ;-P You have my sympathy.

Fabulous anti-smell ingredient is tomato. Grab anything tomatoe-y, rub it in all shampoo-like and rinse (repeatedly). The only downside is the unfortunate side effect of turning any white bits a delicate shade of pink. Sorry Mabel !

carolyn said...

I'm sure Tallulla thought it the high light of the weekend I know our Jack Russell Wish would have done.

mollycupcakes said...

Owww yuk! not nice hope she didn't bring it inside Besty, as a treat for her Mummy and Daddy. I can just see the look on your face as she rolled over it lol
Bless her she must of been so happy to have found it lol.

Glad to hear you've had a fabulous weekend and can bring in some of your own furniture and place in it's new home.
I'm having great fun finding lovely new places for all our stuff and boxing up little bits and pieces that just won't go.
Living out of boxes isn't much fun is it? I'll be glad whne they are all unpacked, I bet your feel the very same sweetie.
Will get on and sort out your order next week, hope this is ok honey-pie?
Many hugs,
Catherine x

pebbledash said...

Happiness lovely! My dogs regularly roll in all manner of stinky things, they love it, and look at me with glee. I do not return the gleeful look!!!
Have a great week!
Diana xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a fabulous weekend. So pleased for you. And to think you'll soon see some of your furniture again. They were obviously VERY busy during the week. I bet it was good to see the progress.

And might that be Mr A who's coming to visit? Often wonder how he's progressing.

Will you be in residence for Christmas?

Sue x

Libbys Blog said...

So glad you have had a splendid weekend, friends, animals and all! Collecting furniture now how fantastic.
Where you pleased with the progress made when you where shown on Saturday?

Heart in the country said...

So glad you've had a good weekend! You were lucky Tallula didn't share her 'prize' with you :0)

Happy decorating.


Gingham and Flowers said...

Oh I love the little tin penguin. So cute!Glad you had a lovely weekend.When are we going to see more house progress pictures?

Pipany said...

hello tracy. It all sounds like things are moving along really well now. Can't wait for some pics of the house. Have a lovely week xx

Fran├žoise said...

Phew! I do like other people's dogs but the discrimination of cats is why I live with one and not the other.

If it is Mr A staying with you, then please tell him His readers still think of him .
Finally, YOUR readers have been severely deprived in the new pictures of the house section. More please!
Glad you are in high spirits again, Think of us poor US voters on the edge of our couches all day tomorrow . . .

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh lovely rabbit parts! =O Hubby's Maine Coon cat used to deposit such parts at our feet, but rolling around in them?! ew! heehee

Those tin toys look darling!

Katie twinkles said...

Hi Tracy,
Good to hear life is back to normal at the happiness factory

My head is stuck in an essay this week but it's good to hear others news.

Alas, I cannot visit anytime soon as funding is still an issue, lets say.

However, I think your guest betsy mobile may be occupied for some time :-))

Now, back to the essay ( I have motivational music playing and peppermint oil for my memory..)

Keep on being happy x

prettyshabby said...

lucky you having some sunshine to lift your spirits!
ah tin we love tin toys in this house,I love the little clockwork bird.
dogs find the most disgusting things dont they..mmm lovely.Our labrador ate a dead rabbit and did a furry poo the next day..quite literally a rabbity furry poo!(bet your really glad i shared that with you)x

julie said...

So glad to read that you had a lovely weekend - you certainly deserve it! It hope that things continue to go well and that you enjoy the final stages of getting your new home ready.