Friday, 12 September 2008

can i bribe you?

....what a question.....

the problem is i really would like some of this fabric..

(sorry picture is truly awful, it is so grey and dull here today....)

but it is from Ikea :(

now, as most of you know i live far, far away from an Ikea and cannot justify driving miles and miles and an overnight stay (!) in order to purchase a few metres of fabric.

well i can justify it in my mind - but Stephen says no!!

if any of you kind bloggers happen, by chance, to be visiting the big old Ikea in the near future and would not mind purchasing me four meters of said fabric - i would be most grateful x
i would of course send you the money up front for the fabric via cheque or Pay pal - whatever suits you.
if you then let me know postage costs i will send you yet more pennies before it starts winging its way North.

so here comes the bribe.....

as a thank you, thank you, thank you i will send the kind soul that has no doubt queued up for days in order to pay for a trolley load of Ikea goodness, a bundle of goodies including one of my new cushions.... gentle kind

any offers??


the weather here today is really awful - wet, windy and cold
Stephen is out collecting our sweet Rayburn, so i am free to sit at my sewing machine whilst wearing lots and lots of clothes.... i am not actually convinced i can move my arms sufficiently to be able to sew, or see above my thick scarf......
ack - I'll give it a go!
for today it is Christmas here inside Betsy, just as it is over here x

folks - it is time to accept that Christmas is coming at us really fast now...
i for one am beyond excited

t x

edited to say...... blooming Ikea will not offer online shopping to Scotland until 2009 :(


pebbledash said...

Lovely fabric! I would be easily bribed if I wasn't also a zillion miles from Ikea as well. I'm sure someone will happily help, especially for a lovely cushion. Happy weekend, Tracy.
D x

French Knots said...

I'm happy to look for you next time I go!

Tash said...

I have an Ikea close-by, I'll see what I can do this coming week :)

acrossthepond said...

Funny you should mention Christmas. My daughter (11yrs) and I were just out for a walk and she was saying how lovely it is that the Fall is coming.She was saying this is her favourite time of year. When I asked her why she said because of Christmas and when questioning her further she said she looks forward to many things. On her list were log fires, hot chocolate, home made cookies, family dinners, wrappping up in a blanket and snow. we talked for a long time abought what our own interpretation of Christmas is and how we would change it. Yes it is just around the corner and time to plan those christmas projects for gifts for the family.Ahhh

Katie twinkles said...

hey, I think Ikea is on-line now?

I'm not going there for this very reason but if I was I would happily get you some.

Try on-line. Anyway if it's that easy get 40 metres huh?

April said...

I'd be more than happy to go for you next Saturday (the 20th) if you still haven't gotten any fabric. Just send me an e-mail to and let me know if you're still looking.

Kitty said...

Twinkles is right, you can order online, but the postage costs are shocking :-O

If I lived nearer one, I'd spend half my life in IKEA *blush*

Hope you get some! x

mollycupcakes said...

Honey I do wish you'd emailed me, you know I'm here to help and I wish I'd popped onto you're post this morning as we went up to Ikea today to get little Daisy her very own big girl chair for the dinning table, argh! I could of got the fabric as I had a lookies at some of it myself from a far and it would of given me the perfect excuse to go right up to it all and rumage around lol
I only live 40 mins from one so I'll see what I can do honey this week. Loving the cushion, it would look gorgeous in our bedroom.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Lots of love,
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes x

Things Hand Made said...

Sorry, no visit to IKEA for us at the moment so can't help with that. Christams!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Tracy.. I would love to be able to help you and would enjoy every moment of my mission to Ikea.. but firstly.. I don't drive and our nearest Ikea is 18 miles away and secondly.. I am not allowed near the place.. beloved comes out in a severe rash if I even mention the name!
I do hope someone comes to the rescue for you !!

Michele xx

Kristy said...

I am definitely off to IKEA this week.Probably monday or tuesday so I'm be willing to get the fabric.Especially as anything that reminds my girls to be kind is always appreciated!
Just let me know.

Pipany said...

No luck here Tracy - Cornwall is about 4 and a half hours from Ikea. Not as far as you but no real halp either. And I would have soooo loved that cushion too!!! xx

Jane said...

Tracy - I may be going to IKEA this week - I need a spotlight - if you e-mail me your mobile number then I will check with you whether Tash managed to get the fabric.