Wednesday, 27 August 2008

a parcel from home.....

a confession.....

i am 36 and i miss my mama every single day

all of my family have lived in a village in Essex for as long as i can remember - my mama was born there and i spent the early part of my childhood there too.
my parents and i moved to Germany as my dad was in the army, and it was there that i was joined by my two sweet sisters x
after a short stay in Kent, my family moved back to Essex to be close to the clan - i choose to stay in Kent as a rebellious teen - it was here that i met Stephen, fell in love and set up home.

apart from me - all of my immediate family live very, very close - i was always the black sheep of the family!
now i have an Auntie that has moved to New Zealand so i guess that she is a bigger black sheep than me :)

anyhoo - i digress....

a few days ago a very large and very heavy parcel arrived
the postie staggered out of his van and hauled it up to Betsy ....

a parcel from home

a box full to the brim of love, memories, hugs and so much more

gifts from my parents including treasures from there recent holiday to France, Germany and Switzerland
handmade goodies from my very precious Auntie Karen and Cousin Ellie
books that i have had on my Amazon wish list for a long time
and one of the most precious gifts i have ever received - an embroidery that my Nana had started but never finished - i only hope that she will look down on me and not be horrified that my stitches are not as neat as hers!

and so many more items that made me laugh and cry.

opening all the cards and reading the messages from my mama and my darling sister Dee, made me realise that i do not tell them often enough that i love them
so here goes.....

you guys rock :)
without you i would be a very different person
because of you i have learnt to be self sufficient, kind, gentle, understanding and considerate
even though i do not see you as much as i wished i could, i know that you are there by my side 24/7

your love for me makes me feel safe and secure

and even at the age of 36 years i still need to know that my mama loves me, is proud of me and is there for me

thank you all for all that you are and all that you do for me

i love you

and my presents were great!!

t x


Miles Away In France said...

I sometimes get a parcel from my Mum and it is so nice to open it. there is always something for everyone.

Why do we choose to live so far from our families, it doesn't make sense.

Racheal x

Pipany said...

Ahh, Tracy that was so lovely and I understand just where you are coming from. Just perfect and your Gran will be so proud of you for continuing her work xx

Jenny said...

I still have a lump in my throat-family is just so precious no matter where they are. A parcel from home is just so special.

La Donna Welter said...

I can tell that you are so very loved...
La Donna

mollycupcakes said...

Aww Tracy,
That was a very moving post, it's so nice to hear how much your beautiful family loves you and is thinking of you everyday too.
We share the same big divide from our Mummies, mine miles away in Ireland but in my heart each and everyday.
Mum's are the best and always see us as there babies lol even at 36 and 32.
Many hugs sweet lady,
Catherine x

pebbledash said...

What a heart warming post, it's bought a tear to my eye. I miss my Mum every single day. How lovely to open a box full of love.

Isobel said...

What a sweet post, Tracy! I am 31 (soon to be 32), just about to become a mum and I tell you, there is not a single day that goes by without me missing my mum. Unfortunately it isn't about the distance, but my mum passed away when I was too young, but still, now more than ever, how I wish she was here to share this moment with me. Anyway, I bet your mum misses you just as much you miss her. :)

Katy said...

I miss my mama too....

elspeth said...

What a lovely Ma... and how loved you are.... Must remember to do same for my daughter when she is older.
Re my comment on your sea house blog, the site I think you might like is - the latest post is about a new publication on DIY green roofs, which is timely for me, as just about to embark on same at the railway carriage house!
x Elspeth

asti said...

Oh, how wonderful. What a great box of pressies sent from your nearest and dearest - can't beat that, can you ? Love the embroidery, you must show it when you've finished it.