Tuesday, 17 June 2008

catch up

the weekend was good

forest walks and the puppers meeting other friendly dogs - so good to build on their social graces

lots of lovely food and plenty of chocolate

spent a few short moments gazing at a small batch of new fabrics and wondering when i will have the time to use them........
but still i ordered more
(how could i not have more of that bunny fabric???)

yet more packing
driving over to the site and unpacking all our worldly goods in to the barn
fighting off our neighbours hens that insisted on climbing in the back of the land rover despite the fact that it contained a whippet with Ninja tendencies.

enjoying looking after our neighbours four horses, three cows, two calves, llama, hens and two cats whilst they are in Spain
spending time with Jo the pig - remember him?
having to knock on his pig house door as he is sooooo lazy or perhaps slightly deaf?

and this week so far?

packing away precious books in apple boxes
piling them high

and then realising how many more there are still to pack :)

waiting for my peonies to open and longing for a spin in my beautiful car

and when all the packing gets too much ......
sitting and knitting flowers - they take such a short time and i hope to create a jug full x

this morning finds me up and about early, a few orders packed and posted, all animals be they farm or flipping spoilt (!) fed and watered and the wood burner lit.
the weather here is dry but cold - just as it should be
i have welcomed this cold snap in with open arms after all the heat we had in May....
still hoping for some sunshine in July - the thought of living in Betsy the trailer in the wind and rain is not a happy one.

as for the rest of this week?
a paddock to finish for Woody and Dillon who are not donkeys.....
more packing
more knitted flowers
finishing off my goodies for the Russian doll swap
ordering and making gifts for Talulla's birthday xxxxxxx
and trying desperately to find a decent collar for the massive Ghillie Mcdog

honestly - if he keeps growing at this alarming rate we will struggle to fit him in the house!
his head reaches up to my waist already and he still has at least a years growing to do!!!!!
despite his size he is the most laid back, gentle, charming, cheeky, soft coated hound ever x
every day he makes us laugh - he has no control over his long legs when running, talks and snores in his sleep, still manages to cram himself in to the dog bed and he puts up with me combing his hair so that he is sporting a rather fine looking mohican......

pictures to follow

t x


Nonnie said...

Gosh, I thought I had a lot of books! But I think you beat me, just. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Walks, lovely food and chocolate have got to be good. Good luck with the move to Betsy!

Nonnie said...
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Jenny said...

Your life sounds busy but also well balanced and obviously there is never a dull moment at your place! You certainly have a lot of books. I love the peony and your knitted flowers-they will look awesome all together in a vase.

Rowan said...

You are sounding more cheerful - glad this is so. You certainly have a lot of books, thought I was the only one with that sort of collection. As for Ghillie - I'm still thinking of a spot of dogknapping!! He is just so gorgeous.

Kelly McClorey said...

ooo your car is gorgeous! what breed is it?! the colour is so pretty alongside the peony pink. i love how we all seem to have a houseful of peonies at the moment as i look round the blogs. aren't they wonderful?

good luck with your packing. you book addict you! all your to do's sound idyllic. and in the company of those sweet and funny animals. who could ask for more?! xxx

Kitty said...

That knitted flower is just perfect - so pretty.

You sound like you're so busy - it will all be worth it in the end though.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Gosh, what a busy week (I see Nonnie started her comment with 'gosh' too!). Love the knitted flowers and can't wait to see Ghillie-dog with a mohican!

Sorry though, Rupert isn't ready for a long journey up to the Sea House. He'd rather stay on the edge of Dorset! Am thinking Ghillie might just fit in the basket though!

So ... Woody and Dillon are what? Alpacas? Llamas? Pot-bellied pigs?

Keep up the good work!

jillytacy said...

Oooh, I love the knitted flowers! It sounds like you've been busy and have many more things to accomplish this week. You have lots of books to pack, but you can never have too many books!!!! I love children's literature and have a large collection. My daughter enjoys them too.
Who are Woody and Dillion? I thought they were donkeys. Looking forward to seeing their pictures and hearing more about them! It's a mystery.

Jane said...

Your knitted flower is beautiful, looking forward to seeing more photos of your lovely dogs. very intrigued about Woody and Dillon. Jane x

Pipany said...

Our loft has bags and bags of books because we are so spacially challenged here Tracy so know where you are coming from. Can't get rid of any so we bring a bag down and do a swap around - feels like Christmas!

Love the flowers and can just imagine a jug of them in Betsy xx