Wednesday, 14 May 2008

busy, busy, busy

sorry for the absence......

lots happening and so little time to tell you all about it

i hope to be back later this week with a catch up and lots of pictures here and over at Sea House x

...... obviously i am still finding the time for biscuit eating

t x


Pipany said...

Ohhh Charlie and Lola - I just love them! Looking forward to the pictures Tracy xx

driftwood said...

I hope it's good busy. xx

jules said...

looking forward to the pics tracy, I should think all of us out here in blogger land can't wait to see the progress on the house.

ps keep eating the biccies

love jules x

mollycupcakes said...

Look forward to hearing all about your new news.
I agree with Lola, you can only have only 10 biscuits in one sitting lol
My Daisy is Charlie & Lola crazy it's on at 8am every morning and she never misses it hehe! funny the things they fall for!
Enjoy the sun sweetie, speak soon.
Many hugs.

Catherine x

Barbara said...

Yes, I agree. Ten biscuits is a sufficiency!

trashalou said...

biscuit eating sound and sensible use of limited time.

intrigued as to what has been happening oop there.

Lucy Bloom said...

I guess if all the mugs are the same it makes things a lot easier, I should have bought all one colour!
Lucy x

Miles Away In France said...


Looking forward to seeing the pictures, I do love the many photos in blogland.

In answer to your question about the breed, it is a Patterdale, some people haven't heard of them before they are a type of terrier.

Racheal x

Funkymonkey said...

I think it's unanimous - ten biscuits is quite enough in one sitting and you need at least an hours break before the next sitting.

Nonnie said...

Looking forward to the Sea House pictures. Yep, I agree with Lola, 10 biscuits is definitely enough. LOVE Charlie and Lola! Is that strange for a 36 year old?!

Angel Jem said...

It depends what sort of biscuits... obviously, 10 chocolate digestives is enough, 10 fig rolls would be too much... but not bourbons. I can eat those forever!
Love the Charlie and Lola. There are days when I think I should re-name the Princess!

Vivi said...

Yeah, Charlie and Lola!