Monday, 21 April 2008

website, work, moving and house

it may be a little quiet here at the home of Cupcakes over the next week or two.......

the house build is reaching a crucial point, i am busy packing up the cottage and moving items over to an outbuilding near our site, new stock is being made (slowly!) and new stock is arriving, my website is almost ready to go live again and the puppers are both growing and growing x

blogging time will be at an all time low, maybe just enough time to check in with some but not nearly enough time to share ideas, thoughts and wishes,

i will however hopefully update the Sea House blog with pictures of the house arriving on site and going up
(too exciting!!)
and the arrival of two rams to add to the flock x

whilst the house goes up we will be busy marking out the vegetable garden and location of our poly tunnel, moving the sheep in to their section of our land rather than letting them have the whole five acres!

we will also be putting up new fences along the huge boundary of our new 20 acres which will be used for Caithness Rare Breeds - one day we hope to have an education centre and a small animal hospital which we will use to help injured wildlife.
i hope it will also be the site of a new small shop selling lovely goodies, painted furniture, and more.......

our future dream is for it to have a small but beautiful lodge on it that can be used by our friends and family whenever they need rest and an amazing sea view x
until then it will have a sweet old caravan (sadly not an Air Stream - way outside our budget!)
which will be big enough to sleep in and perhaps cook outside on a fire - veggie bangers over looking the sea......
i will of course fill it with vintage quilts, blankets and china and will no doubt spend more time in it than at the main house!

life is moving on and i feel optimistic that this bout of sadness will leave me
it has too
i have had enough

so until the next time lovely blog friends....

t x


April said...

Hope all goes well.


April xx

Pipany said...

Oh Tracy, this is all brilliant stuff - you will be so busy with exciting things that before you know it you will be feeling just like you did before the sadness of losing your dear friend finally got you. You will still feel sad sometimes, but gradually the memories won't hurt so much and the hole she has left won't feel so huge. Keep it going; it's all going to be great! In fact, I think I might just join you!!!

Oh my gorgeous package from you has just arrived - off to open it and will blog about it tomorrow. Thank you! xxxx

alice c said...

Happy Landings in your new home!

I would normally wish you sunshine in your garden but I think that is a bit unrealistic in the far North so I will wish you a warm hearth and friends to enjoy it with.

Primrose Hill said...

Sending you a huge hug and a big thank you for my delightful pressie that arrived this morning, a great way to cheer up a manic Monday morning!

Hope all goes well with the house build and all your other plans, I'll maybe be up this summer, will the shop be finished by then....?!

We're in a mad panic at the mo as we've put a deadline on the studio being finished, opening day 31st May!!! Wish me luck!

Take care and thanks again,

L xxx

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,
That was truely a up lifting post and you sound so much like your old self.
Full of big smiles and happiness. Good luck with the house and can't wait to see lots of photos of it and your new stock.
I'll be looking out for the new launch of the website, can't wait.
Lots of love.
Catherine x

driftwood said...

lovely photos, and sounds like exciting if rather overwhelming progress on the house, take care, hope it all goes well.

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
It all sounds fantastic. It really has been a tough old time for you hasn't it. I wish you so much happiness for this next exciting stage.
lots of love
ginny xx

jules said...

Hi tracy

I shall be sad that you won't be blogging as often but delighted to watch your house going up on the seablog site,I will check in everyday just in case you have had time to post a little something, I don't think you realise how uplifting your blogs are. Hope the sheep settle into their smaller patch and that the rams arrive safely.

jules xx

Kitty said...

Gosh I feel exhausted just reading it, never mind doing it!

Hope it all goes well - will be thinking of you. x

Jane said...

Hi Tracy - That really is the cutest pup - I feel quite broody.
I shall keep a look out for news of the new house over on the other blog. My friend Debs is about to move into her new eco house and it looks fabulous. I am terribly jealous.
I wouldn't rule out an airstream - our very battered and slightly sad airstream came in at a lot less that the wooden lodges I was eyeing up -I think that the grafiti and general malaise put off the majority of people. There may be other badly used ones out there - you could start a caravan rescue centre!

carolyn said...

Golly you are going to be incredibly busy, it's all so very exciting. Wishing you both the very best of luck.

carolyn said...

Golly you are going to be incredibly busy, it's all so very exciting. Wishing you both the very best of luck.

Barbara said...

It sounds like such an exciting time ahead. Good luck with it.

Alison Boon said...

Hugs and best wishes. Hold on to your dreams

Deb said...

Wishing you all the best Tracy - such an exciting, busy time for you!

acrossthepond said...

Good luck in your transition time....I shall look forward to new posts when times are settled.

Miles Away In France said...

Such an exiting time for you, enjoy it.

I can't wait to see your progress over at your other blog.

Racheal x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Tracy, well life is moving on for you isn't it. Lots of lovely exciting things are happening for you and it really is about time that you had some good come your way. Take care and enjoy it

Katie twinkles said...

Thank you!! thank you!!! parcel arrived this morning. Once again traumatised Post man by greeting him in PJs...x


how exciting moving house xx

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy!

Hope all goes well with your house and shop projects. Can't wait to see what you will have in your stock. :)
Take care.

prettyshabby said...

ooh it all sounds so fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures of the new house, it must be a very unsettling time being 'in limbo' until your home is's to lots of happiness and new beginnings!

Kristy said...

It all sounds so exciting. Esecially the old caravan full of vintage quilts and china!